Thursday, February 1, 2018

Wheels With Attitude (4).

1962 Vauxhall Velox PA.
Although the styling looks fairly restrained by today's standards, these Vauxhalls were quite outstanding at the time of their release. The wrap-around glass had been a big feature of American cars and the British arm of GM decided to follow suit.

1976 Hillman Avenger Alpine GLS.
The Avenger was noted for its sharp handling in its day.

The  TR6 was the last traditional sports car from Triumph
i.e. front engine rear wheel drive.
It was powered by the 2.5 litre 6 cylinder engine as used in the Triumph 2500 saloons.

The Hillman Hunter was a modern light-weight saloon introduced in 1966 by Rootes Group (now under the control of Chrysler)  to replace the Minx and Super Minx range. This is a 1971 model.

This 1978 Chrysler Valiant panel van is quite rare.

1957 Chevrolet Two Ten 2 door sedan.

One of a few tractors that were there.
A Farmall F-20.

This 1954 Hudson Jet was a compact sedan  of 2.1 litre engine capacity, built by the
Hudson Motor Company, only for the 1953 and '54 model years.

Long Low Lincoln.

1967 Dodge Coronet 500 Hardtop.

The Spitfire was a successful attempt by Triumph to build a relatively inexpensive sports car.
They kept costs down by using the under-pinnings of the Triumph Herald.

Three split window Morries.

1999 Alfa Romeo 156 Selespeed in the guise of the Italian Police.

2.0 litre, rear wheel drive sports saloon by Alfa Romeo.
The 1974 GTV.

1969 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600.

2.0 litre Alfa Romeo from 1969

Highly modified 1949 De Soto pick-up.
1937 Austin 7 Ruby.

This 1966 Hillman Super Minx Estate has the 1725cc engine (earlier models were 1600) and would one of the last produced before they were  replaced by the Hillman Hunter.

Not actually part of the display, but parked in the car park.
A Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide and a BMW R1100R.

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