Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wheels With Attitude 2016

Wheels With Attitude, in Dannevirke today, was so good that I'm going to have to devote several blogs to it.
Here is the first.
'66 Plymouth Fury sedan in stock trim was one of many Americans there.
Jaguar Mk2 was apparently V8 powered, but I never found out what type.
Mercedes-Benz 500SL was quite revolutionary when released and is still a very nice car.

Very tidy Mercedes sedan is diesel powered.
There was something for everybody.
Toyota Corona had....
....had a transplant.
Ultra big and ultra small.
A pair of clean logging Scanias.
Morgan 3 wheeler had very modern features.
Alfa Romeo 2600 spider has a 2.6 litre twin cam straight six.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cruise Martinborough Interiors.

A few dashboard shots of the Cruise Martinborough cars.
'57 Chev Bel-Air.
Ford Thunderbird.
1961 Ford Galaxie Sunliner.
1967 Pontiac Le Mans.
1970 Chrysler Valiant VG Hardtop.
'68 Buick Electra 225.
'56 Chev Bel-Air.

Cruise Martinborough (3)

Mk 1 Zephyr has a lot of period extras. Whitewalls, sunvisor, venetians and dual aerials.
I love these Studebaker hardtops. This one is a 1960 Silver Hawk.
Roadworthy and complete, must be a good start to a restoration.
1966 Wolseley 6/110.
'65 Chev Impala 4 door, looks good with steel rims.
'59 Edsel Ranger from Ford was a poor seller, but a rare car now.
1976 Holden Torana SS is a very collectable car.
'62 Dodge Dart convertible has a face only its mother could love.
'69 Plymouth Road Runner is as very cool car.
Big Cadillac doesn't look like the car for doing a quick U turn.
'56 Bel-Air Sports Coupe has a number of extras, as well as rare fuel injection.

Cruise Martinborough (2)

Some more from the Friday party.
1960 Chev Bel-Air Sport Sedan was one of two very similar cars.
Cora looked mean.
I like these old Chevy trucks, but not so keen on the colour of this one.
1959 Apache.
Young lady bursts out of early 40s Ford truck.
Bel-Air 4 door sedan. '56 would be my favourite of the so-called "Hot Ones".
Chrysler Valiant Hardtop was clean, but a bit grey for my taste.
This photo doesn't do justice to the appearance of the 2015 Corvette.
More European than American, I reckon.
Interior is stunning as well.
Many years ago when I worked for Vic's Subaru, our forecourt Manager had a Rambler of this model and colour.
 I wondered if it might be the same car, but I don't think his was a V8.
1978 Chrysler Regal CM still looks as good as the day it was new.
2007 Dodge Charger RT is bright.

Cruise Martinborugh (1)

Yesterday Cruise Martinborough had a party and live band in the Farriers car park in Masterton and of course, a display of the entered cars.
How low............
..............can you go ?
1959 Pontiac Star Chief shows how ugly...can be beautiful.
This rego plate previously adorned a Chrysler 300C, but now has moved to a 2010 Dodge Challenger.
Confirmed Mopar fans.
Mid 60s Corvette with its happy waving owner, but wife about to stifle his enthusiasm.
Jaguars nicest saloon. So much neater than the bulging Mk 10.
1968 Jaguar 420.
Fordson pickup was much modified.
Holden HR looks standard, apart from the rims.
1973 Plymouth Barracuda is a good looker and....
....a manual !
1970 Ford Falcon looks like it means business with that square jawed face.