Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Selection from My UK Collection

Little TL Bedford articulated unit looks ideal for beer deliveries, with its large and low deck.
Bass was available on the NZ market at one stage, but haven't seen it in the supermarket liquor departments.
It may still be available in some of the private stores that deal in the more obscure names.
W.J.Oldacre of Collumpton, Devon had this 8 wheeler high sided bulk tipper wearing the Seddon-Atkinson badge.
B series ERF in 4x2 configuration with 3 axle flat deck was operated by Mitchell's Transport of Elvington in Yorkshire.
Elvington was well known for its RAF base which operated throughout the Second World War up until the early 90s,
Red and blue paint and traditional pin-striping for W. Sweeting & Sons Foden from Sandford in Bristol.
Very smart Volvo F86.
Lack of sign-writing suggests this may be a restored "show only" truck.
Dale Worsley of Abbotskerswell (don't you just love some of those English village names) had this ERF EC6 with emerald green paint and smart sign-writing and pin-stripes.
Two axle truck and small trailer makes me think it is used for transporting something very light.
Unlike this Hewden Stuart Crane Hire rig with its 6 axle trailer, which looks to be a very heavy load for this  430Ati DAF.
And this appears to be just the jib of the crane; the remainder must be fairly substantial.
I've always liked the N series Volvos. This N1020 is rigged as a heavy duty recovery truck, operating for Roger Austin of Raunds, a small market town in Northamptonshire.
I'm not that familiar with the bonneted AECs, but I know one model was called Mogul.
IVECO 190.30 ballasted tractor pulls a neat little launch.
Leigh Environmental's DAF 2300 may not have even done its first days work, when this picture was taken.
Wide-cabbed TM Bedford 4x2 in Marshall-Tufflex livery.
Marshall-Tufflex manufacture and supply cable management products.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cab Sharing

I received a comment about one of my earlier posts stating how the Renault R310 looked exactly like a Ford Transcontinental. Compare these two pictures and you will see that apart from badges and some trim, they are, of course, the same.
The cab was originally a Berliet design which came in to Renault's hands when they took a share in the ownership of Berliet in the mid 1970s. Ford spent a lot of money developing the heavy duty H series (Transcontinental) and developing a new cab was probably just an unnecessary expense when there were already excellent cabs on the market.
The Renault cab was big and roomy and suited their needs. I think Ford's version may have been mounted a little higher on the chassis to make room for the big Cummins underneath.
This is a Ford Transcontinental from my collection of UK photos from unknown photographers.
Of course, cab sharing is nothing new. Saviem shared their largest cab with MAN and so it also appeared on products of associated companies of MAN, like RABA and Roman.
Saviem's G model cabs also appeared on some Renault and Mack models.
In the 50s Leyland, Dodge and Thames shared cabs on their bonneted models, although this is not as obvious as each company shaped their own bonnets.
The LAD cab was so-called because it was used by Leyland, Albion and Dodge (seen here on a Leyland Comet), but it was also used by  Scammel on their original Trunker and....
...on the  Contractor, when a crew cab wasn't required.
In the US Mack shared their cabs with...
This wasn't surprising as  Brockway became a division of Mack in 1956. Although Brockway did remain independent for many years after this. They may have used their cabs, but only offered Cummins, Caterpillar and GM (Detroit) power plants, but never Mack.
The model shown is an example of  Brockway's first cab-over, released in 1963.
Around this time they also began using Mack R series cabs on their conventionals .

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Few Missed Photos

I've have found a few more of my own photos that I don't think I have published previously. My apologies if you have already seen any of them.
Mark Warboys of Colyton had this 2004 Mack Qantum QH7888RS when I  took this snap a couple of years ago.
Along side the Mack was this 1997 Nissan CW330.
T.P. Logistics' Scania R500, looked to be brand new when I saw it parked at Seaview.
Rick Laing operates a small fleet, based at his family's farm near Martinborough.
This 1996 Mitsubishi FS 433R was part of his fleet when I called on him with my previous employment two or three years ago.
He also ran a couple of Fodens. One of them being this 2000 model S108 4000. 
A 1999 Scania  was also part of the fleet, but has since been sold.
Looking ready to do some tough work is this 1994 Nissan TFA430 parked in a timber yard in Pahiatua.
Baylis Bros, well drillers had this 1987 Scania P112M drilling rig.
Mercedes Benz power for this Freightliner Columbia of Linfox.
2003 Mack CX688 hauls a small dwelling.

Havana Coffee in Tory Street in Wellington use this 1955 Studebaker with appropriate registration.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Whilst surfing the net today I came across an excellent site about Commers and Karriers.
It's a New Zealand based site and well worth a look for any truck enthusiast. It even has audios of TS3s.
Some black and white pics of Europa fuel tankers brought back some memories.
Take a peek at

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yep ! It's UK Trucks Once More.

More UK snaps from the cameras of others.
Taunton Trucks of Taunton in Somerset had this T45 cabbed Scammell  with 400hp for its recovery  missions.
Taunton Trucks is still the DAF dealer in this area.
A Volvo FL7 8 legger of Radfords of Cullompton in Devon.

Hazell & Jefferies of Pangbourne,  Berkshire offers a complete civil engineering service.
This old bitumen tanker is a B series ERF in 8 wheel guise..
From the same company is another 8 wheeler; a Foden 4300.
Guyhirn; a small village near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire is the home of  Ken Thomas Ltd.
This ERF E10 (Cock Robin) appears to have won some trophies.
Another Ken Thomas rig is this beautiful old Atkinson 8 wheeler.
Scania LB81.
Exmouth in Devon is the base for East Devon Shellfish and their ERF C series 8 wheeler with curtains.
Bernard Fishlock obviously carries refrigerated products in his ERF E 6.
ERF C series with Gardner power and what appears to be a genuine ERF accessory "top hat", hauls for the Family Bakery.
I've never seen one of these on this side of the world, a Troner TX 360 1236.38 from the Spanish Pegaso stable.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Trade Me Browsing

Trade Me is NZ's equivalent to E-bay. Personally I think it is better laid out and their search functions are easier to use and more defining.
As well as being a great site to buy or sell, it can also be great for just browsing the trucks for sale.
Photos taken by the sellers of course.
The "School Bully" was once a Bedford school bus, but apart from the body, I suspect there is lttle of the original Bedford remaining.
Nice Chev from 1948 with twin vertical exhaust stacks,
This AEC would have to be my favourite.
Beautifully presented with aluminium wheels, 6-71 Detroit and 13 speed Roadranger.
This Bedford needs a bit of work, but definitely worth a look for restoration or just to use as is.
Little International doesn't look like it needs any more spent on it.

Tidy Commer with tipper.
Unusual in NZ to see an F16 Volvo in 4x2 form.
Mirror layout and  side protection rails suggests it came from Japan.
This one was actually only selling the semi-trailer, but how could I resist a Scammell Crusader with its growling Detroit.
Kenworth W924 looks fairly tidy.