Friday, February 23, 2018

Supercheap Shannon Auto Spectacular 2018 (5).

HB Viva GT not a common sight.

I love the excess of chrome of the American pick-ups of this age.
1958 GMC.

Type 2 VW campers in this condition are worth a lot.

Lovely clean Statesman with 308 power.

Cool rear window sign.

" The Blues", from Ford, Nissan and GM.

'58 Ford Fairlane with nicely chosen paint.

Comparing Chrysler rear ends.
Australian Valiant Charger ('73) and American Barracuda ('69).

'54 Ford Skyliner is the sort of thing I like to see at these shows.

1970 Holden Utility has the small 161 cubic inch motor.

'70 Ford Torino Cobra is a big beast.

This owner was very proud of his De Soto Coupe which he had just managed to get back on the road after discovering it in very poor condition.
A '35 model by my reckoning.

'68 or'69 AMX is for sale
Around $21,000.

Fiat's X1-9 is a superb handler, but not enough power on the original 1500cc models.

Austin 1800 is well weathered.

Mag wheels are the only non standard items visible on this 1963 Mercury Meteor.
Very nice.

The variations in models and colours of Ford Model As is astonishing.

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