Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Supercheap Shannon Auto Spectacular 2018 (1).

Photos from last Sunday's show.
Very tidy BSA Bantam.
1964 Ford Falcon Futura convertible.

'63 Ford Galaxies were reasonably common in that decade, but not in 2 door sedan form.

VW 1500 with simple, but effective paint treatment.

A couple of beautiful Mercedes Benz sedans.
I like Benzes from this age more than the newer models.
A '72 280S and a '61 220S.


the '52 Chev sedans were great family wagons and good boat and caravan towers.

Chevrolet Nova SS from 1970.

A couple from opposite camps.
From GM, a '68 Pontiac Firebird on the left and a '73 Ford Falcon Hardtop.

Superb Australian Ford Capri restoration.

VW 1500 and Hillman Super Minx entering the arena.

8,2 litres of Cadillac De Ville from 1975.

!970 Mazda 1800 isn't very common, but there were actually two of them at this show.

A typical American pick-up of the 60s.
1966 Dodge D100.

Two tone Holden HR premier X2.

I worked for Subaru dealer as a parts manager many years ago.
The 4WD pick-ups had surprising ability in quite tough conditions, mainly due to their light weight, but there are not many around anymore.

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