Tuesday, February 13, 2018

British Car Day 2018 (2).

Wow ! So long since I've seen a Renault Fuego I'd almost forgotten they existed.
This one is a Turbo from 1985.

Ideal colours for a Ford Anglia, looks good.
1963 1100cc.

In this picture, Roy McGuinness , who is the MC for the British Car Day every year, interviews the owner of the 1960 Hansa Coupe, in her matching shirt. Next to the Hansa is a 1956 Borgward saloon.
Hansa originally combined with Lloyd, but then both, later became part of Borgward.

The Triumph GT6 is a great little sports car. Based on the Spitfire, but with a permanent roof and a 6 cylinder engine.

A well raced Austin A40 ?

Sir William Lyons took extravagance to the extreme when he designed the Jaguar Mk X. Especially in width.
This one is actually the very similar, and later model, 420G identifiable by its centre strip in the grille and its chrome waistline moldings.

Another of the Europeans, a 2006 Volvo V70R.
A high performance estate with 2520cc turbo power.
I actually quite like these, but when things go wrong there seems to be a mentality in this country that it's a prestige automobile, so you'll pay more to get it fixed, so I'll stick with a Jappa thanks.

Lovely old 1947 Bedford pick-up.

Replica of a 1967 Ferrari P4...

...and the front.

One of the best shaped saloons Mercedes ever made, but I'm not so sure if they got the headlamps quite right.
2006 CLS500.

A 1974 Triumph Toledo 1500.

A very handsome 1954 Ford Popular, more commonly called the Ford "Pop".

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