Sunday, August 19, 2018

Rob Walker Collection 10...(Aircraft).

Rob Walker's has also painted a number of aircraft over the years.

Hughes 500.

Piper Tomahawk.

Cessna 402B of Associated Aviation.

Cessna 172.

Piper Arrow IV.
This is a development of the Piper Cherokee with the addition of a "T" tail, stretched fuselage (for more rear leg-room) and retractable gear. 

This Cessna 172M is currently registered to J.R.Lissington of Otorohanga

Pacific Aerospace CT-4B Airtrainer.
And that's Rob Walker himself helping to sand down a Warbirds Douglas DC-3 Dakota, before painting.

Rob Walker Collection 9...( Cars).

Just a few of the many cars Rob Walker's  has painted or repaired.
Series 2 Daimler XJ in what appears to be "Primrose" with a black vinyl top.

Austin A55 Countryman of around '60 or '61 vintage.

Another XJ Daimler. This time a 1984 Series 3 with the 4.2 litre engine.

impressively painted sidecar outfit.

This 1937 MG VA is finished in two very pleasant shades of green.
They were produced as Sports Saloons, Drop Head Coupes and Open Tourers, like this one.
Only about 2400 of all models were produced, so I would think this would be fairly rare in NZ.

Porsche 911 Carerra Turbo of the mid 70s.

This appears to be 2 photos of the same car in two different backgrounds.

I've always liked the shape of the Mk2 Jaguar and actually prefer the steel rims in preference to the sought after chrome wires, but I think they need the chrome bands, as well, which Jaguar called "Rimbellishers".
Mk 2s were also available with painted wires as well, but these seem very few and far between.

I'm not very knowledgeable on single seaters,
 but this appears to have been painted in the colours of one of its sponsors, David Pope Transport.

'68 Ford Escort has been painted in an imaginative stripe decor.

Rob Walker Collection 8...(Macks and Kenworths)

Before and...
...after of an F series Mack.

A "before" picture of an old Kenworth.
Unfortunately I didn't find the "after" picture.

Several pics of this neatly sprayed Kenworth.

C500 logger.

It looks like the chassis and wheels have been painted and now it's the cabs turn.

Rob Walker Collection 7...(Yard pictures and his own vehicles)

Some pictures snapped around Rob's yard.

Rob painted this CF Bedford van for his own use.
And a matching Thames.

Rob Walker Collection 6...(John Pinel trucks).

John Pinel took the unusual step of painting each of his trucks in a completely different livery.
Unfortunately his sudden death brought the company to an end.

....were popular.... his fleet.

This Isuzu was one of his first trucks.

Rob Walker Collection 5...(Buses).

A few of the buses painted by Rob and his men.
1998 MCW Metrorider.

Allan's Coach Lines Scania was originally the passenger/freight combination bus operated from Masterton to Wellington Airport by Transport Wairarapa.

The Tranzit Ford V8 restored to its original Blue Bus Services livery.

Rob Walker Collection 4...(and more).

Ford in what looks like Masterton County Council colours.

Scania in furniture removal guise.

Nice old Bedford with extra axle.

I don't recognise the colours on this Mitsubishi, or are they factory colours before painting?

Hino and...

....Mercedes Benz for Oldfield Ready Mix.

I remember when this Shell liveried MAN was driven by John Ghent.

Hino in obvious livery.

Big 8 wheeler Ford for Martinborough Transport before their trucks got even bigger.

Bright colours for Leonard Transport's Mitsubishi from Taupo.

Simple paint for this Isuzu.

The Mi-ere Bacon Co Isuzu was used for the Wairarapa run which was mostly flat running.
When I worked there I remember having to use this truck a couple of times for my run over to the Hutt Valley.
It wasn't designed for the heavy loads we carried over the Remutaka Hill road.