Saturday, August 31, 2013


Tapper Transport's 2012 Mack Granite.
Nice EH Holden, recently seen in Masterton
Many years ago I worked for our local Fiat dealer, Maxwell's Garage. They had a Ford V8 truck they used for towing disabled vehicles. I recently discovered this photo of the old girl on the Wairarapa Archives site.
This snap is taken in the yard of Gough, Gough and Hamer with Maxwell's being the building across the road in the background. Maxwell's has long gone with a New World supermarket now on the site, but that big tree is still there.
The vehicle behind the Ford is the local fire brigade's restored horse-drawn fire appliance. I'm not sure what they are trying to achieve here, but if it's to load the machine onto the truck, I think they might have the V8 on the wrong side of the loading ramp !! But more likely they have just used the V8 to tow the fire appliance off a larger truck.
Last week there was a bit of excitement next to my workplace, when someone accidentally drove their Suzuki SX4 through the window of the pet shop. In this photo the Suzuki has been moved outside again. Police, fire and ambulance services all attended.
Big yellow Volvo outside St Luke's church in Masterton.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

US Trucking Treats

Freightliner lighting unit of the Fulton County Fire department
More trucking photos from my unknown photographers' collection.
GMC C7500 4x4 of the internationally known Asplundh Tree Expert company.
This example is from the Atlanta, Georgia branch.
A livestock hauling Peterbilt 379 from Montpelier, North Dakota.
Another 379. This one from Cypress Truck Lines Jacksonville, Florida.
Well tarped load on a spread axle semi.
Freightliner FLD with matching trailer from S & H Express.
Monroeville, Alabama is the home of this International 9100 of Hornady Truck Line.
Mack U series (similar to R series, but with the cab offset to driver's side) of Allied Readymix's Georgia division.
Western Star of Cherokee Waste in Butler, Georgia.
I'm not sure if Cody is the operator's name or whether this rig hails from Cody, Wyoming.
Peterbilt 379 with straight through pipes pulling a possum belly livestock trailer.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Trucks from Around the World

French registered Pegaso 360.

White Road Commander 2.
From Holland a very unusual Terberg.
Looks like a bin lifting device on the back, but note those tiny rear wheels.
Volvo F16 heavy hauler in 8x4 form. Registered to Brandt in Germany.
A Mack Ultraliner is probably not common in Holland, especially in 6x4 configuration.
These were very common here in NZ, but getting few and far between now.
Andre van Olst carts temperature controlled chickens all over Europe with this MAN TGA from Wezep in Holland.
Dutch registerd Freightliner vehicle recovery rig.
ERF EC14 from Spain.
Lightweight Scania 94D 220 from Denmark.
Scania 144G 460 from Grastorp in Sweden.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Golden Oldies

Good old S Bedford in the livery of Thomas Haulage, Great Billing, Northampton
Nicely restored Bedford O series.
Leyland Octopus still working, at the time of the photo, in Malta.
Another preserved vehicle. A Gardner powered Seddon with the ubiquitous Motor Panels cab.
With various front panels this same cab was used by Guy (on the Big J range),  Scammell (Crusader), ERF (some export models and the European range), FTF (in Holland) and maybe others.
Leyland articulated unit of  J.W.Leggett Ltd from Beccles, Suffolk in the U.K.
AEC Mustang
D series Ford operating in Malta.
Immaculate Commer with the magnificent TS3 diesel.
A working truck, in Malta again. Octopus or Mammoth Major ?
Another working Malta truck.
S Bedford

All these snaps from unknown photographers.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recent Mixed Lot of Snaps

On a beautiful mid-winter's day, recently, we travelled to Castlepoint and made the trek up to the lighthouse.
Beyond the lighthouse one can carry on to the highest point.
Back at sea level we saw this Renault 12 parked on the sand. A long time since I've seen one of these.
A few years back I worked as a parts manager for a Renault and Peugeot agency.
At that time I remember the Renault 12 was the best selling car in the UK. 
This mock-up of a 50s race car was parked at the side of the road in Carterton. Appeared to be made from scrap metal and old car parts. A great effort and the proportions looked just right.
This 2009 Sterling was preparing to relocate a house in Masterton last week.
operated by House Transporters of Tauranga.