Sunday, October 14, 2018

Whanganui River.

On our second trip we stayed in Whanganui for a night, then drove up the Whanganui River Road to Pipiriki, across to Raetihi then up through National Park and over to Turangi for the next night, before returning home.
There is same amazing scenery up the Whanganui River...

...and some unusual things

The Fielder perform faultlessly and economically as always.

Alpacas and a pig.

Looking across the river to Jerusalem.

At some points you are high above the river.

Mary stands by the remains of an old Maori waka.

We had lunch at Angel Louise cafe at Raetihi...

....a lovely relaxing garden with huge trees.

This old radiator was leaning on the front...

....of this unusual Bedford in a yard in Ohakune.

Very tidy Thames diesel in the same yard.

Interesting stuff in the scrap metal bin.

Old self steer trailer with "Ohakune Transport"on the front of the stock crate.

Mercedes has seen better days.

Had a short stop at Smash Palace at Horopito.
International stock truck.

Chrysler Valiant VC, like my dad once owned.

A couple of old Rootes Group products. Rare Hillman Californian on the left.

Makatote railway viaduct between National Park and Turangi.

The first view of Lake Taupo, approaching Turangi.

Monday, October 8, 2018


We recently did two road trips. The first to Rotorua for Mary to attend a conference, but we had to be back in Masterton for an appointment so needed to cut it short. Here is what I saw in Rotorua and on the way home.
2008 Vovo B12 in Rotorua...

...and a little further along the street this raised floor 2001 Scania 124LB.
Probably a lovely machine, but those slab sides give it no style.

'91 Kenworth W900B has done a million kms.

A Star between two KWs.

2014 Kenworth T659 ready to hit the road on Monday morning.

Just one row of Kenworths of the many rows in the RFH yard at Rotorua.

2012 K108 flat deck in a yard of loggers and a new KW awaiting its deck or logging equipment in the background.

2007 Scania R470.

Freightliner Coronado in the Blue-Ice fleet is only a few months old.

Brand new Volvos for the Douch Transport fleet were screened by wire netting.

I managed to poke the lens between the gates for this one.

New trailers too.

COE Kenworths appear popular in the logging and timber carting game...

....and then there was a Western Star....

...a conventional Kenworth....

...and another Western Star.

Along came a Freightliner Argosy tipper, just to put a "twist" on things.

Ex UK ERF EC 10 from 1995 employed in its latter years to pull fairground equipment.
2006 Dodge Ram alongside.

1994 FH12 Volvo wears personalised plates and has over a million kms under its belt.

Another ex UK truck, this time a 6x2 Volvo.

Old '69 Bedford now doing service as fairground workers home, is powered by an Isuzu diesel.

The pilot fuels up the Cessna 206 float plane, ready for another day of tourist flying.

In Hastings I spotted this Porsche 911 GT3 which is less than a month old and would have cost the other side of $300,000.