Saturday, March 28, 2015

KCMO Trucks

Alice has snapped a couple more trucks in downtown Kansas City. She now thinks she has sussed out where to get truck photos and has promised more.
Mack tipper turns into Walnut Street from E14th Street. Domed roof in the background is a movie theatre.
The building on the right at the corner is Chipotle, a Mexican grill. Part of a chain of restaurants  throughout USA and Canada.
Volvo with big sleeper appears to be a furniture truck unloading in the downtown area.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Bit From Max & a Bit from Missouri

Max recently had another ride with an over-dimensional load. A couple of big water tanks to Hawkes Bay via the Saddle Road, to by-pass the Manawatu Gorge..
Crane equipped Volvo and trailer had to make an unscheduled stop on the Saddle Road for road works. The road workers managed to scrape away a bit of a roadside bank to allow them to squeeze through.
A following PTS Mack wasn't so lucky. The semi being a bit less manoeuvrable than the Volvo and full trailer, had to wait a bit longer.
My daughter, Alice, recently had to partake in a team building day, at the workshop she is attending in Kansas City. First stop of the day was Boulevard Brewery on the corner of S.W.Boulevard and W25th Street where she snapped this Kenworth presumably loading up with the fine golden liquid. Interesting to note the frontal appearance is quite different to the Aussie built models we see here.
With Max cruising the highway and Alice attending a brewery, am I the only one doing real work!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Wellington Truck Show Left-overs

A last look at Wellington Truck Show.
It's a pity this isn't seen with a trailer in tow. I t night discourage some motorists from making dangerous passing manoeuvres.
Simple two colour livery, but looks very effective on this Isuzu.
NZ built, Wellington Airport fire tender shows how far it can send water.
Made by Mills-Tui, it's Stryker 6-6500.
This Western Star was, I believe, the first Star with the maximum sized sleeper. Now carrying different colours than when it was new, but still wearing the "Portland Express"name.
Similar concept to the European idea with only one pivot point for the trailer, but the Europeans put the hitch further under the rear of the truck so that the bodies can be much closer together and therefore much less disturbing to the airflow.
Goodman's 2012 Mack Superliner with....
....Thames Trader on the back.
Alpha Movers intertwined three trailers to give some idea of their axle articulation and deck raising capabilities.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

VW Thing

Another snap from Kansas City. The Volkswagen 181 was marketed in the US as the  "Trekker" and later as the "Thing".
The later model taillamps indicate that this is probably a "Thing".

Thursday, March 12, 2015

More from the Mid-West

More pics from my daughter in Kansas City as she walks to work. Not something that many do apparently.
6 wheeler Mack Granite high-sided tipper in the early morning gloom on W20th Street..
Single drive Sterling with single axle semi trailer doing downtown deliveries.
I believe SYSCO is some kind of food market.
Peterbilt water tanker working on mid city road works.
a much lighter model than the Petes we see in NZ.
Mid weight Ford with trailer for small roller or maybe that small digger in the background.
Plastic grille dates it as being a 1990s model.
Slightly heavier model Ford with the same cab as the previous model, but the split grille comes from the 80s.
Ford truck division became Sterling, as part of  Daimler Benz in 1997.
Daimler ceased using the Sterling name around 2010.
Wheaton  and Superior moving and storage appear to prefer products from the Navistar International stable.
Here is a closer view of the same trucks. A single drive, closest to camera and an older tandem drive behind.
Loooonnnng wheelbase heavy duty tow truck with sleeper box.
A bit far away, but a Peterbilt, I think.
Most delivery trucks appear to be conventionals, whereas we prefer cab overs in NZ.
This is another International.
6 wheeler Freightliner reefer at the intersection of W20th Street and SW Boulevard is hauling Belfonte  products for distribution in the city..
Belfonte is a Kansas City based dairy company which includes milk, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt and ice cream in its range of products.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kansas City Star

On the 5th of March our elder daughter left Wellington to fly to Auckland, then on to LA, then Phoenix, Arizona and finally to Kansas City, Missouri where she is attending a training workshop for her work for three months. Naturally I asked her to take some truck photos !!
Goodbye Alice, you're on your way.
The A320 lifts off out of Wellington at 6:30 in the evening.

American only Volvo (with no badges) unloads its 53 foot trailer
Genuine American school bus. An International, I believe.
Heavy weight Pete appears to be a pile driver.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Wellington Truck Show (2)

Old 1981 Isuzu appears to be still in service as a water tanker for airport fire service.
Car carrying Japs.
Isuzu filling in Fuso sandwich.
The newer Macks just don't have the presence of the earlier Super Liner or the bold fronted Western Star for that matter.
1944 Dodge reverses into display line.
Army 6 wheeler MAN looks like it means business.
Tidy little Hinos of NZ Post.
Big yellow Volvos of the Roadstar fleet.
Fire Service Hazmat DAF bristles with communication devices.
Scania "cherry picker".
No-one could say that Quality Demolition vehicles don't stack up.
Mainfreight displays always look smart.
This Caterpillar truck is hauling cars in a configuration that is normally seen in the states.
One car behind the cab and then a long semi-trailer

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wellington Truck Show 2015

After strong winds and heavy rain yesterday, today dawned calm and mostly sunny for this event at Trentham Memorial Park.
We are all familiar with Mercedes Benz's Actros, but some of the other models are not so regularly seen.
Hammond Transport of Upper Hutt have this light weight Atego.
Long time Benz user, Dixon Dunlop use an Axor for tipping and quarry work.
Thorndon station of the NZ Fire Service mount their aerial platform on an Econic chassis which are also used for refuse trucks as well as any other purpose where low entry is required
Great wooden truck models from Ron Cook of Paraparaumu.
A real red American pick-up. 1984 Dodge D150 Ram.
R series Mack always looked the part. Nice to see one restored to this standard....
....lovely twin stacks and highly polished guards.
I'm sure there's a market out there for blue plastic mudguards.
Another handsome American pick-up.
A 1980 Ford F100. 
There was also a helicopter giving rides.
Thorne must have had two conflicting dreams.
The KW in L&P colours brings back some memories.