Sunday, February 4, 2018

Harvest Rally.(1)

The Wairarapa Vintage Machinery Club's Harvest Rally is being held at Clareville, near Carterton, this weekend. Although there are mostly tractors present, there are also lots of other goodies.
Allis-Chalmers charmers. 

A Case "S"of the 1940s.

The Leyland 154 was built from 1970 till 1984 as a lightweight, light duty tractor.
It was very successful and has become a collectable classic in recent years.

1929 Fordson, made in Ireland.

The distinctive green of a John Deere.
This 8430 articulated tractor with 4WD was introduced in the 70s.
With a 7.6 litre turbocharged diesel, it was a big tractor in its day.

The green isn't quite as distinctive, but still unmistakably a John Deere.

A very tidy 1950 Ford V8.

Another Ford V8, this time an Australian developed 1956 Mainline Ute.
The American market didn't get a ute (the Ranchero) until 1957.

"Any color you like, so long as it's black".

1981 Kenworth single drive.

Superb Bedford KM with Detroit 6V-71 power, which most, if not all, New Zealand market models were fitted with.

The "S" Bedford. These thing were everywhere in the 50s, until replaced by the TK in 1959.

The Ford D series was introduced in 1965 to compete with the very popular TK Bedford.
It's biggest selling feature over the TK was the fact that the cab could be easily tilted for access to the engine.

This model of cab was used on many Bedford models, from the lightweights with single rear wheels to the large long wheel base versions, from the early 40s to the mid 50s.

1929 International, belonging to the Mount Bruce Pioneer Museum.

Garrity Bros' 1937 Chevrolet with wheel driven spreading gear. I'm presuming an assistant on the deck of the truck would tip sacks of fertilizer into the box while the driver drove across the paddock.

More of Garrity Bros' ever growing classic fleet.

The most recently restored member of the fleet.
The 1971 Commer, TS3 powered, tandem drive.

Garrity's No. 2, the 1948 Austin K2.

Austin Champ.
Originally designed as a military vehicle to give the British their own version of the Jeep, but was not terribly successful, due to the fact that the Brit's own Land Rover was less expensive and easier to maintain.

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