Sunday, September 21, 2014

Paul's Sheds

If Paul Gleeson's yard is a "delight" for a truck enthusiast, then the contents of his sheds will have you ecstatic.
Famous names on the shed doors, gives some clue to the contents.
Commer Superpoise carries a past name, well known in the Pahiatua area.
Old Benz awaits restoration.
Nice Chev is very similar to Bedfords of the same era.
My late father's christian name adorns the bonnet of this Thames!
Thames being the name that Ford used for many years on its larger British commercials.
Lighter commercials wore the Fordson name.
International with striking red paint.
And another Inter in the same colour.
Daimler from before the first World War must be the oldest truck in the fleet.
Picture on wall shows an interesting exercise performed at some stage.
The bonneted 1418 Mercedes Benzs were probably the first model to be seen on NZ roads in reasonable numbers.
Big Leyland's size was impressive. Camera is at eye level, so that gives some idea of its height.
Chev from 1931 shares space with Bedford fire appliance. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Paul's Yard

When I caught up with the Long Lappers on Thursday it was at Paul Gleeson's yard in Mangatainoka.
Paul's yard is a delight to any old truck enthusiast, or any old enthusiast of trucks.
1967 Bedford J4 looks to be still useable.
Old Leyland faces an old Bedford head on.
I don't think that donk will fit in that Bedford.
D series Ford has heavy weight front bumper to counter weigh the top dressing aircraft loader which was originally fitted at the back and shares space with an old Leyland (Nuffield) tractor.
TK Bedford appears to be still in use or at least driveable.
This D series looks in need of some "Spway and wolk away".

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Long Lap

Some of the trucks from the North Island Long Lap passed through the Wairarapa today.
I managed to catch up with them at Paul Gleeson's shed at Mangatainoka.
The Long Lap is for classic commercial vehicles and covers a fairly lengthy route over the North Island with many events on the way. Starting in Wellington, heading all the way to north of Auckland and eventually returning to Wellington. Participants can join in for sections of the event so unless one follows the whole event, seeing all of the trucks may not be possible.
Here an International Fleetstar and an R series Mack, with oversize sleeper, rest outside the Gleeson shed.
1952 Bedford OLBC with curious cut away guards.
Slim cabbed K125 model Kenworth, from 1972, with "cute" sleeper.
WFK Austin from 1965.
Mack Cruise-liner has had a no expenses spared restoration
1966 Leyland Comet was my favourite.
I've always had a soft spot for Leylands, probably because a Leyland was the the first "big" truck I ever rode in.
Dalefield Transport's 1991 Mack RB689RST decided not to stop.
Nice tidy little '58 International ASW120.
Modern Scania R620, from 2011, passes Vic Draper's 1969  Leyland Hippo.
Another R series Mack, with a bit of ballast over the rear bogie to stop those stiff springs from bouncing those drive wheels right off the ground on railway crossings and the like. 1980 R685RS.
Neat Nissan Diesel CW20 from 1980.
Nissans branded as UD these days.
Rare 1981 Leader B6 conventional pulls in.
1970 International Fleetstar slowing for a park.
Further down the road, another slimline cabbed KW passes through Eketahuna.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Old Black & Whites

I've spent Sunday afternoon searching through the old photo collection of my late parents.
My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Anderson, so I'm guessing R.M.Anderson and his International was my mum's cousin or uncle. The photo was taken in 1940.
My mum's father was a carrier and in 1939 took delivery of a brand new Oldsmobile.
Here it is arriving in the yard previous to having the body/deck fitted.
My dad came from a farming background and I think this might be him stacking bales on the Chev.
Well I think it's a Chev. I'm sure they had a Chev and two different models of Morris.
I remember my dad talking about Vic Grantham and here is his International.
I'm not sure of the identity of the seated gentleman or the one on top of the load.
The only brand new car my mum and dad ever owned was this Morris 8, snapped here at Awakino.
This is the main street of Masterton in about the 1940s.
The three bank buildings in a row in the right of the picture are still standing.
This is actually taken from a postcard.
My granddad's Vauxhall parked up near the door of the Te Kaha Hotel, with another Vauxhall in the foreground and an unidentified bus or service car.
I believe the Te Kaha Hotel is a very different structure today.
Granddad's Vauxhall again; this time outside the summit tearooms on the Napier-Taupo road.
Another postcard picture.
 Gisborne's main street.
Previous to Vauxhalls, my granddad had larger American cars. Here is his Oldsmobile in a snowstorm.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Old Parked Cars

I found this site a while ago and forgot to bookmark it. Then couldn't remember what it was called.
It's American, but well worth a look. It is: www.oldparked
Here's a few samples from it.
1978 Studebaker Avanti.
1966 Sunbeam Tiger.
1951 Chevrolet Styleline.
1962 Mercury Comet Custom.
1977 AMC Gremlin.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ian's Jag

Ian Callum, Director of Design at Jaguar Cars, recently had his dream car completed. It is a Mk 2 Jag with a much smoother look.
It has huge 17"wheels with flared guards and smooth bumpers with no chrome.
Mechanically, there is a 4.3 litre engine and 5 speed manual gearbox as well as appropriate mods to the suspension and brakes.
The chrome strips have all gone as he thought they interrupted the flowing lines. He has also removed the little park lights on top of the guards and smoothed them out.
At the rear it's all smoothness again, apart from those vents.
I've always liked the Mk 2, it has to be the best styled British saloon ever,in my opinion.
I certainly like some of the mods done here, but I must say I do like the rear better than the front.
I think it's those vents in the front bumper that don't quite look right to me.
The interior looks more modern, compared with.....
.... the original.
In case you have forgotten how the original looks outside, here is one with the steel disc wheels.
Most enthusiasts go for the chrome wire wheels, which I do like, but I actually don't mind the standard wheels as long as they have the chrome trims, or "rimbellishers" as Jaguar called them.

Time to get the gas axe and welding gear out, Max !