Sunday, June 26, 2016

Wairarapa Archive

The Wairarapa Archive is a great source of photos of anything to do with the Wairarapa as well as tracking your ancestry in the area. As well as donated photos and those from other sources, they also stock all the negatives taken by the local newspaper (The Wairarapa Times Age) up until about 2000, from memory. If you know the date of something appearing in the paper (either exactly or approximate) they can provide you with, not only a copy of this photo, but also any other photo taken at the same time, even if not published. Here are some recent finds.
10th February, 1968, this photo of a proud Ian Maxwell standing by his new Bedford bus was published...
...but the rest of these photos were also taken, but not published.
No 11, was probably the first bus to appear in Masterton, without opening side windows. Ventilation was provided individually to each passenger by an overhead, adjustable vent.
The large one piece side windows, windscreen and rear window were very modern for the time.
The front and rear caps, I assume were molded fibre glass and appeared to be a copy of the British Duple bodies.
The chassis was a Bedford VAM, petrol powered, with a four speed gearbox and two speed differential.
VAMs were front engined.
In June, 1966, this picture of Transport Wairarapa's AEC Mammoth Major loaded with 303 sacks of peas appeared in the Times Age, with Doug Grey alighting from the cab.
Unpublished was this photo of Doug, sorting his ropes.
24th, June, 1970 this photo of my granddad, Norman Jones passing his driving test, at age 83, was featured...............

.... but it's great to see these previously unseen photos of him standing by his Vauxhall, while the MOT officer does the paper work on the bonnet.
Now he has noticed the camera...
...and although he was small in stature,  he was big on sense of humour and appears to have cracked a joke here, with the officer.

All photos on this page are from the Wairarapa Archive, Times Age collection.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Foden Photos.

Jim from Alexandra used to drive this Foden for Gore Services. He was hoping to find a clearer picture of it to use on his website...
He would particularly like to find one of it towing the trailer which it did quite often.
If anyone has anything, contact me or contact Jim directly at

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Catching Up.

I've been letting this blog slip a bit lately, partly due to spending more time on facebook, but mostly due to having a fault with my compact camera. This is the one I carry to work and anywhere else that the size of my good camera is an inconvenience.The fault in the camera is fixable, but it is a fiddly job and I've just got to make time to do it. The fact that my small Proxxon drill has also decided to stop working doesn't make it any easier.
Anyway, here's a few pics I've dug up lately.
At Queen's Birthday Weekend we did a trip, up through Pongaroa and then on to Porangahau, in the car. At Pongaroa a local Holden Club had gathered at the hotel. Here are some of the cars there.

At Porangahau the river was glassy smooth.
We get a variety of cars to service at my workplace, like this early Ford Mustang.
Mini and V6 Capri, were in on the same day.
I always liked Chrysler Australia's styling for the Valiants.
Here are some pics I found on some old transparencies.
This one was a workmate's pride and joy, a Suzuki GS450, back in the 80s
My friend Hans, bought this brand new BMW K100RT in 1985.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Summer Travels.

Various pictures from some of my motorcycle travels, over the summer.
To some, this is a temple, but to me I'm afraid Tui isn't my favourite brew.
The Patangata Tavern on the road to Kairakau Beach in the Hawkes Bay.
I didn't venture inside, as I had already had lunch and I don't drink when I'm motorcycling.
The first time I had been to Kairakau, but didn't stay long as it was getting late in the day.
As one enters Kairakau the Mangakuri River flows alongside the road.
Looking the other way we can see where the river enters the sea.
South of Kairakau is another place I hadn't been to previously.
Pourerere is a peaceful beach.
Another view at Pourerere.
North of Porangahau I journeyed along Hunter Road, and not wanting to ride the gravel road to Blackhead (something I will do when I have more Time) I took the sealed part of Blackhead Road which climbs into the hills with a great view back over the coast.
I dined at the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel at Porangahau.
A very tasty bacon and egg burger with fries.
Here's the bike at the world's longest place name :
On Route 52 a, few kilometres north of the Winbledon Tavern.
I have passed the Wimbledon Tavern on several occasions in the past, but decided this was the time to stop and have lunch there, only to find the cook was ill and the kitchen was closed.
On the road just north of Pongaroa.
Nice to find a public toilet in the middle of farming country at the Tiraumea Hall.
Well done Tiraumea for providing this facility.

Recent Trucks.

Big 8 wheeler MAN seems a large truck for furniture hauling.
Parked at a motel, late in the day, in Dannevirke.
Climbing up Blackhead Road, after passing through Porangahau, I spotted this old TK Bedford all loaded, but looking like it's not ever going anywhere.
3 axle International T-Line at a contractors property north of Pongaroa.
Right in the township of Pongaroa was another T-Line.
This time with trailer attached

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ANZAC Day ride.

No disrespect to the ANZACs, but Monday was the last day of rego before I put my bike to bed for the winter, so a ride was in order. Basically I rode to Taihape and back. About 400kms.
Spotted this 1952 Austin A125 Sheerline in the car park at the northern end of the Manawatu Gorge.
I was fortunate to get this photo of it alone, as it was actually ..........
.....sharing the park with several hundred other cars, but was parked at the end of the row.
I stayed off the main road as much as possible, going through Cheltenham, Kimbolton and Rangiwahia and emerging out on SH 1 for lunch under the wing of the DC3 at Mangaweka.
After lunch I rode up to Taihape and back and turned off just south of Utiku and followed the road through to join up with the road I went north on, just east of Mangaweka.
This short section of road, I have never been on before and was impressed with the scenery, enhanced by the autumn colours.
Back on the Mangaweka to Cheltenham road again and heading home.
With now over 180,000kms on the clock the BMW is still purring along as well as the day I bought it in 1986.
Passing through Woodville I had to stop to take on a little bit of what this MAN rig was delivering.

More From Sunday.

I intended adding these to the first Model Expo post, but for some reason the site wouldn't let me add them where I wanted them.
Another weathered truck. This time a Cat powered White Road Commander in European guise.
As well as weathered trucks there was, of course, the shiny examples.
This one an exact replica of an NZ truck, a Mack Superliner, complete with RHD and rego plates.
One of Mike Uhlenberg's Peterbilts is copied accurately including hazardous goods diamond and rego stickers on the windscreen.
After the expo, Mary and I travelled into Wellington, where it was a beautiful sunny day.....
.....for lunch at Plum on Cuba Street.