Friday, August 24, 2012

And Some More Trucks !

Nupin's "Anteater" must have been one of the first of this model Kenworth in the Wellington area.
Photo shot in Cuba Street Petone.

A display for Road Runner Trailers used a Freightways "long-nose" Nissan under the front of their curtain side B-train.
These Nissans never sold in great numbers in NZ. The cab-over models were more popular.

Dominion Breweries trucks were always well presented, and personally I preferred this red livery to the later yellow. This single drive Isuzu is parked at their Mangatainoka Brewery, the home of Tui beer.

Slightly blurry shot of three Kenworths of RMD at Mount Maunganui.

Old No. 1. Gleesons of Pahiatua own this carefully restored Chevrolet.

T model Scanias were not often seen in NZ as rigids.
Transport Wairarapa's T112M.

C.E.Daniell's mill in Masterton carted timber with this NZ model Ford.
Really a re-badged Hino.

6 wheeler D series Ford tipper and trailer motors along State Highway 1 on the shores of Lake Taupo.
My Suzuki GS850 to the right of picture.

A flash of light on the lens not shielded from the sun, but still a picture worth sharing.
A Kirbys (of Nelson in the South Island)  Fuso furniture rig heads south from Waiouru (in the central North Island) with Mount Ruapehu (the North Island's tallest)  in the background

Look carefully and you will see this F series Mack has been fitted with a high-rise sleeper.

Mack Super-Liner at a truck show in Palmerston North.

Roadair and RFL were the two big players in the refrigerated transport scene in the 1980s.
This a Roadair F12 Volvo with three axle self-steer trailer. The Volvo is an Australian model with its trilex wheels, aluminium sun visor, flat mirrors and round aluminium fuel tank.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

KW in a Former Life

I received an interesting e-mail from Shane Booth, of Booth's Contracting in Taradale, regarding this KW which featured in a past blog. He tells me the truck was originally put on the road by Weatherell Transport in 2000, doing a run from Gisborne to Wellington carting produce and then returning with a mixed load of empty crates, pallets, groceries and some frozen products. Shane drove the unit for some six months doing the Hastings-Wellington section of the run.....
....He sent me this photo of it when it was new parked in the rest area at Te Aute, south of Hastings. It was powered by 550hp Cat and Shane says it coped with the run very well.

He also sent me a couple of pics of his own truck. A Mack RB.
RBs were a development of the old R series, but with a longer bonnet and larger grille to accept larger power plants and the necessary bigger radiators to go with them. Unlike the long bonnet Rs, which had the cab moved further back from the front axle, the RBs left the axle/cab relationship the same and extended the bonnet forward, thus giving it a set back axle effect.

Here is another snap of it hiding in the bushes.

If anyone else who follows my blog has information or especially photos of trucks I have shown or indeed those I haven't; please forward them to me and I will gladly publish them with credit to the photographer (if known).
I also welcome any comments or criticisms. Many of the comments I make are from memory and there are times when I have probably made mistakes, so don't hold back in letting me know.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Older Truck Photos

TD Haulage W900 and trailer streaks along the shores of Lake Taupo.
I know there is no lake in the photo, but if I had taken one step backwards when taking this pic I would have got wet!

Big Scammell with big trailer and big bull-dozer at a display for Fleetwash truck washing systems in Auckland.

Scania car transporter with10 cars. Packing as many cars as possible onto a truck is not often needed in NZ.
Due to our small population it is quite often a problem finding enough cars going in the same direction to make up a load.

Old D series Ford serving as a horse truck in the Blenheim area of the South Island.

"Sizzler" was a Scania R142M which hauled a refrigerated B-train, distributing Hutton's bacon, hams and smallgoods.

Smart old International Loadstar with towing equipment.

Foden with a load of logs, trails smoke from its vertical stack, in the central North Island.

Mercedes Benz 3235 logger of McKenzie Transport in the far north of the North Island.

Immaculate 1942 Ford.

Ford Louie in Chem Couriers colours with high sleeper at Seaview in the Wellington area.

Australian built International T-line with furniture trailer. Although, I suspect, in this case it is hauling carpets.
Not usual to see tandem drive pulling a furniture trailer.

Stock Transports Whites, Road Boss and Road Commander being used as promotion on a Cummins stand at a truck show.

Hookers Isuzu in a very red sunset.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nelson Trucks

I recently discovered some photos I had misplaced, taken in Nelson in the 80s.
Wood chip trucks seemed to be the most common trucks on the road at the time.A  Nelson Pine Forest single drive Mercedes-Benz with A-train "Chip-liner".

Smart looking Nissan furniture van.

Kenworth W900 rigid of Anderson's Timber with trailer and a load of timber frames.

Another single drive A-train chip truck. This time a Mitsubishi in Baigent livery.

Mercedes again in Nelson Pine Forest colours. This time a long nose variation.

Monday, August 6, 2012

A Dozen More Truck Pix.

The Senton's 8-wheeler Mack Cruise-Liner was employed hauling timber.

Well sheeted load on this Inglis'  Foden flat deck doubles in A-train configuration.
This photo taken in Taupo's main street is a sight no longer seen since the heavy traffic by-pass was constructed.

Also in Taupo is a Kevey's Scammell, with an extra high load on the trailer.

W model Kenworth logger with additional axle.

One of the many single drive Mack R series operated by RFL pulling refrigerated A-trains.
Another one parked in the background, in Masterton's Queen Street overnight.

Another R series, this time a tandem drive, pulling a gas tank past the war memorial stadium and pool at the north end of Masterton.

Heavy duty R series with V8 power of Freightways used for towing heavy and/or over dimension loads.

Volvo F10 6-wheeler fuel tanker with 4-wheeler trailer.

Australian International ACCO Eagle. This was the top spec model with many extras both inside and out.
A similar model was also marketed wearing an Atkinson badge.

Very plain Scania R143M with stepped 3 axle curtain-side.

Fuso of Liftways running as a ballasted tractor.

White Line Freighter's Mitsubishi, with Aulsebrookes' colours on the door, takes a break in central Masterton with its B-train vans.