Friday, February 2, 2018

Wheels With Attitude (6)

1979 Jaguar XJS V12.
A magnificent GT.

1950 Ford "Bonus" pick-up is spectacular.

1980 Ford Escort 1.3 L.

Honda's CBX 1000 six cylinder was originally released in naked form, but later came with this sporty fairing.

Honda's CB650E was a tidy little twin cam, 650 four with shaft drive.

A Mini Clubman entering the show.
1971 Rover 2000TC.
The Rover 2000 was a 4 cylinder saloon of quite revolutionary design, when it was introduced in 1963.
It had four wheel disc brakes and a fully synchromesh transmission.
The twin carb (TC) version was added to the range in 1966.

1982 Porsche 911 SC with 3 litres of horizontally opposed air cooled power.

The 1962 Studebaker Hawk GT is a very stylish coupe.

Ford Zephyr Mk1 is similar to one my dad used to own.

A Mk3 Zephyr with expertly installed V8 conversion, must be a pleasure to drive.

1975 Ford Capri 2.0 litre Mk 2.

1958 Morris Oxford Estate would be a great old workhorse.

Wooden dash and the shift for the pre-selector gears along with a large "D" on the steering wheel, could only be a Daimler....

...a 1950 Daimler Consort  to be exact.

I like the compact dimensions of the Porsche 356.

Many young man had a Ford Prefect as his first car.

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