Tuesday, July 31, 2012


More of my own photos from the 80s
General Motors NZ brought this japanese market Isuzu with hydraulically raised sides to a show and transport operators conference at Palmerston North. Inside the Pascal Street sports stadium.

Outside, at the same event, was this brand new Mercedes Benz for Northern Southland Transport Services.
NSTS were big users of Mercedes Benz and MAN.

Again at the same event, an R series Mack with self steering, curtain sided semi.

Transit reefer!
 Little Ford with long trailer takes a break by Queen Elizabeth Park in Masterton with a walk in chiller, on delivery to a butcher's shop or supermarket.

Rear view of Volvo N10 beer tanker A-train.

NZ Express 4x2 Nissan about to couple up to a furniture trailer.

Another furniture truck. This one belonging to Jarret Sandes of Palmerston North, but photographed in the picturesque town of Cambridge.
A 1982 Hino.

Cummins powered Scammell S26 fuel tanker unloads some of Caltex's precious liquid at Solway Service Station before it had a roof over its pumps.

Scania R142M of David Pope Transport in typical New Zealand stock truck configuration.

8 wheeler Volvo F86 with cement containers.
This model sometimes referred to as the "bubble cab".

Mitsubishi rigid furniture truck, from 1984.

A common livery in the 80s. This 4x2 Isuzu in the colours of Hargreaves Transport.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NZ in the 80s (again)

Chevrolet International from 1929 in a display at Ohakea air force base.

A 1939 Ford at the same event.

Matte Franicevich passed through Masterton in his brand new Pacific.
Many hours drive ahead to his base back in Dargaville.

1982 Isuzu VQR of Masterton Town Milk crosses the centre-line, heading back to Masterton's Willowbank Dairy milk treatment plant, with a load of empty bottles from Martinborough.

Hino ZM being operated by NZ Railways Road Services.

6x2 Seddon Atkinson pulls a container full of space shuttle. Seen here at the Maidstone Mall in Upper Hutt.

Isuzu VHR from 1982, in A-train configuration, is lashed down ready for a ferry crossing between New Zealand's North and South Islands. 

New 1984 Volvo F10 of TNL (Transport Nelson Ltd) on display at Palmerston North's Pascal Street stadium.
NZ received both Australian sourced Volvos and Swedish sourced models at different times around this era.
This is an Aussie one with its trilex wheels, curved aluminium sun visor and flat glass west coast mirrors.

Mack Superliner at the same event.

A ZM Hino of Foodstuffs unloads at Kuripuni New World supermarket in Masterton.

Another Foodstuffs ZM Hino.

Old 6x2 D series Ford with raised axle at Kuripuni New World again.
The whole Kuripuni New World complex took up the area of what is now just the customer carpark of the much larger Pak n' Save supermarket which now stands here.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Trucks from All Over

A friend in Australia sent me this snap of an R model Scania. Obviously the standard Scania sleeper wasn't going to be big enough, so this trucker chose a day cab and added his own "bedroom".

My Australian friend also sent me this one of Waltzing Matilda, the jet powered Ford Louis.
I wonder where it is today?

Now back to my own photos. I don't know what powered this Coles crane, but the cab has definitely got a British look.

One of the first models of Nissan to come to NZ. This tidy tractor was spotted in Palmerston North.
Transport Wairarapa operated a couple of tandem drive rigids with this cab, but unusually, they had an extra dual wheeled air suspended axle in front of the tandem pair.

Brand new F10 8-wheeler on display at the Pascal Street stadium in Palmerston North. 

Australian model International ACCO seen as a fire Appliance for the Masterton Brigade.
Parked outside the Masterton Courthouse. Maybe things can get a bit hot in there.

Matte Franicevich's Peterbilt was New Zealand's first example of this make.
This photo posed for me in its hometown of Dargaville.

Interior shot of an early R series Mack. Thisone belonging to Transport Wairarapa at that time.

Produce Freighters' International SF2670 of 1980 vintage towing a flat deck A-train.

Volvo N10 of Dominion Breweries with A-train of beer tankers parked at their Mangatainoka Brewery.

Nissan in Mobil colours topping up the underground tanks at Vic's Garage in Masterton.

An early Pacific, probably an ex-logger, still working hard on the Auckland southern motorway.

Monday, July 9, 2012

80s Kiwi Rigs

Some more from my archives.
After the runout of D series Fords, in NZ, came the N series, which were badge engineered Hinos.
This one parked at Kuripuni shopping centre in Masterton on a rainy day.

Pacific Metal crushed car bodies and then carted them away with this R series Mack parked outside Kerim Automotive (a car wrecking business) in Lincoln Road Masterton.

Some of the Transport Wairarapa fleet in the Masterton yard. 3x Nissan, 2x Scania, 2x International and 1x Volvo G88.

Oldfield Asphalts Mack MCE 686RST from 1985 heads west on Johnstone Street in Masterton.

Mack Superliner grain truck.

Another grain truck, this time it's Cronin's International Fleetstar.

Transport Wairarapa's White Road Commander, of 1983 vintage, heading south on State Highway 2 near Upper Hutt.

Murray Hart's smartly painted 1982 Mitsubishi FV315NR parked in the Homestead Tavern carpark on a wet winter's day.
Probably not visiting the tavern, but staying at the adjacent Solway Park Motor Inn.

One of Neal Machirus's Scania LKT111 also from 1982, parked up at Petone on a weekend.

Mogal 6 wheeler Isuzu in central Wellington in the late afternoon sun.

A Hargreaves Transport P112M Scania parked in the Transport Wairarapa yard in Masterton.
 Hargreaves Transport owned Transport Wairarapa and shared the livery.

Three R series Macks at A&J Hills depot in Palmerston North. The middle rig is a V8, note the longer hood than the other two. Bodies were left partly raised for the weekend so as not to hold water if it rained.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

US Trucks.

Here are some photos of US trucks from my collection, that I did not snap myself.
Western Star 4964 (I think).

Kenworth W900L and Western Star 5900.

International 9400.

International Eagle operated by Billy Dye of Coraopolis Pennsylvania.
Don't know the model of this one; the cab looks like a 9300 with the hood of a 9900.

International 9900 Eagle, looks smart in black with red flames.

Long wheel base Peterbilt 362 tractor.

Straight pipes for this Peterbilt 379.

International 9400 and Peterbilt 372 with spaced tri-axle trailer.

Don Hagon & Sons Trucking operate this Peterbilt 379.
Note the upward bend in this unladen trailer.

Many extras on this Pete of Priority Transport.

Peterbilt 387 with an integral sleeper as big as a house.

Also from the PACCAR stable is Kenworth's equivalent. The T2000.