Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Brickman Wonders of the World. (Lego display at Te Papa)

St Basil the Blessed in Red Square Moscow.

The Statue of David.
The original David was created by Michelangelo in the early 16th century.

The Arc de Triomphe.
The real one opened in Paris in 1836.

The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbour.

Replica of the ruins of Stone Henge.
The original of which was built in several stages, beginning about 5000 years ago.

Burg Eltz Castle.

Saint Mark's Square in Venice.

Do I really need to tell you?

The Taj Mahal.

Concorde, of course.

One of the best efforts, the sinking Titanic breaking in two.

I thought the VW Beetle would be my favourite of the show, but....

....I think I would give the prize to The Flying Scotsman.

The detail is magnificent, despite one of the connecting rods having fallen off in this picture.

Elizabeth Tower, which houses the clock and the great bell of " Big Ben".
Complete with a red double decker bus and classic black London taxi.
The detail even shows a repairman working on the clock face.

Self explanatory.

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