Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few Pix

I haven't posted much for a while, simply because I haven't been anywhere much and h therefore taken very few photos. Our Summer has been so bad this year that I have hardly had the bike out of the shed.However here are a few photos taken in the last few days.

This Nissan 200SX we recently sold from the motor dealer I work at four days a week. I have always liked the styling of these and this one was in very original condition. Too many of them I see now are getting very worn and bent and buckled.

An International is unloading at The Warehouse in Masterton's Queen Street opposite St Patrick's Catholic Church.
The Warehouse is a chain of NZ department stores selling almost everything at very competitive prices.

Concrete water tanks have now given way to plastic. Due to their light weight they can be transported on fairly lightweight trucks and trailers, like this Hino rig.

On my one day a week that I drive a wheely bin truck, I empty a bin at the Rockgas depot. This week while I was there thisWestern Star was unloading its gaseous cargo.
And yes, that trailer has got a fourth axle behind those white poles.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bits and Pieces

A few photos from various places.
Kenworth and Mack in McArthy's yard at Waingawa just south of Masterton.

Freightliner Argosy and trailer at Renall's yard, also at Waingawa

The Renall's line up of Freightliner, Mack and Kenworth.

Slightly further north at Solway is McAuley's, with their newer trucks now wearing flames.

An Ellison Cartage  Hino comes through the Chapel/Lincoln roundabout in central Masterton.

The Hay Barn in Holdsworth Road just to the east of Masterton, specialises in growing, storing and transporting hay.
Here is one of their FH Volvos all loaded up for a delivery.

Transport Wairarapa has long gone, but recently a group of local truck enthusiasts, including the Garrity brothers and Richard Herrick restored this D series Ford (a 1980 DT2412) and painted in original Transport Wairarapa livery.
Displayed at the Masterton Agricultural and Pastoral Show.

430 horses of DAF for carrying (I'm not sure how many) horses.
Also at the A&P show.

Also at the show was this homemade 4WD "Beast".
What was he thinking?

The interior was even more horrific than the outside.
It was a mass of levers, switches, dials and knobs.

I'm used to seeing the old and rich driving LS430 Lexuss, but I guess they are getting cheaper now and I have seen this one with non standard wheels and additional chrome parts around town recently.
Obviously owned by a younger person.
Representatives of three brands in McCarthy's yard.