Saturday, July 22, 2017

Other Stuff from Wairarapa Archive.

A great photo from the Times Age collection of 1963, of a De Soto  accident from which the driver, apparently had a lucky escape.

A brand new Commer Ambulance for St john in Masterton in 1963.

All this damage was caused by a tyre blow out.

Another Times Age photo of Maxwell's buses that they used for their town run in Masterton.
The front one is a Bedford VAS and the rear one is built on a Moprris FG truck chassis.
Both bodies by Hawke.

Along with many race car  and car club photos from the David Bilbrough collection, was this one of a Radiata Transport AEC Mandator, unloading wood chips at Nelson Wharves. Radiata Transport was a logging division of Direct Transport which eventually got swallowed up by Transport Nelson.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

More Wairarapa Archive.

More from the Wairarapa Archive, David Bilbrough collection.
Rick Percy, Mk 1 Escort, opposite locking at Manfeild, November 1980.

Brian Callister doing a bit of gardening at Manfeild.
Mk 2 Escort.

Francis Pointon Lotus/Escort, Admiral Hill maybe?

McCutcheon's U2  and McIntyre's Lola Mk 1.

Murray Jones, Vauxhall Chevette1256cc, Rangitumau hill-climb April 1981.

Murray Jones again with right front tyre departing.

Honda Civic lifting a leg on the hairpin at Manfeild, August 1981.
Driving was shared between John Davey and Graham Anderson, so can't identify who is driving in this photo.

Murray Jones at Lees Road in September 1981 in his brothers 993cc Toyota Starlet.

Mini 1100cc at Lees Road. I think the driver is Peter Wollerman.

Peter O'Leary, Mini 998cc.

T. Parou, Ford Escort 2000cc at Lees Road.

Joe McAndrew, Ford Escort 2000 at Lees Road.

Mark Wilton in a 4400cc Ford Escort.
Not sure what sort of power plant this was.

Classic car race at a Wings and Wheels event at Ohakea , early 80s.

Jaguar Mk 2 at the limit at same event.

Wairarapa Archive.

I spent a few hours at the Wairarapa Archive yesterday looking through the albums of a motoring enthusiast, the late David Bilbrough. Here is some of what I found.
A Lotus Cortina in Nelson, 1965.

Jaguar XK150, Hutt Park Road, Seaview, 1966.

Mt Victoria hill-climb, 1970, McRae ?

Same hill-climb, Dexter Dunlop.

Car No.1, Heatway Rally.

The late David Bilbrough built his Bandicoot buggy in his backyard in Hall St. Wellington and then had to get it out to the road.

Bristol 405 in Wellington, 1977

Bristol 400 at Taupo, Easter 1978.

Danie Lupp, V12 E-type at Taupo, '78.

"Butch" Hamilton, Ford Escort 1300, Manfeild, February 1979.

On the grid at Ohakea, 1956.

Hugh Armstrong, Ford Escort BDA, Tea Creek down-hill, February 1979.

A lovely Graber bodied Alvis 3 litre at Manfeild, February '79.

Errol Krivan, Ford Escort 1600, Admiral Road hill-climb, July 1979.

Admiral again, Nolan "Bic"Terry, Holden Torana XU1.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Catching Up.

My blog has been a bit neglected lately as I've been busy looking after my wife, who smashed up her ankle badly on her birthday in May. But here is a catch up.
Here's the ankle causing all the trouble. This is after one lot of stitches being removed and the second cast about to go on.

I have been photographing a few of my die cast model collection lately.
Chevrolet Corvette.
1950 Chev sedan

Matchbox BMW R1200RTs in various liveries.

Cessna 310Q which was at our local aerodrome overnight recently. Belongs to a survey company.
Sporty Norton parked on the street near my work.

Mack dropping off a roadmaking machine on a Sunday, ready for Monday start.

Kenworth picking up a digger which has been involved in demolishing some of our local Countdown supermarket which is in the process of extensive renovations.

Paul in Queensland has sent a few more truck photos.
Early Freightliner Argosy.

Later model Argosy.

Back to my own photos.
Western Star tanker puts a load into Caltex Solway.

One of my favourite die casts and I think I would like to own the real thing.
Lexus GS.

Ford Capri.

Foden 8 wheeler in 1:76 scale.
1:76 scale Atkinson with a load of cars of the same era. The Sunbeam Rapier at the back on top is the same model and colour as my first car.
Other cars are VW, Ford Capri and Morgan.
The latest addition to my collection, a Leyland Octopus Esso tanker.
Atlas Editions make replicas of the 1950s Dinky Toys.
A mint example of the genuine thing would be in excess of $600, but this exact replica was less than $40 including shipping.

 Watson and Sons (who make Manuka Honey) has a yard that looks like an Isuzu dealership.
Last ride of the season , before I put my bike to bed for the winter, was in Autumn tones.

More from Paul in Aussie.
International Navistar tanker.

Flat top cab Kenworth with bulk body.

Conventional Kenworth straight truck with draw bar trailer and tipper bodies.

Aerodyne Kenworth with twist-lock compatible tank.

Kenworth 6 wheeler with drawbar trailer hauling Mobil fuels.

New model Kenworth conventional in Lindsay Bros colours.

Paul also sent photos of this "Pusher" which they use to make fire breaks through the sugar cane plantations before they are burnt off.

The pusher doing its work.

A completed fire break.

Some more trucks from Paul.
An R series Mack tipper.

A trio....


.....Western Stars.