Thursday, June 19, 2014

Snaps Taken This Week

On Monday I went to our local Z service station to fill up one of our sales cars from work and saw this very tidy Mazda RX2. I asked the owner how long he had had it and he replied,"Since I was 5 years old, well that's when my dad bought it new from Tullochs here in Masterton". I forgot to find out what year that was, but they were only produced up to 1978 and I think this is a slightly earlier model from around 1973 or 4.
Not bad for 40 years old.
On Tuesday while emptying a wheely-bin (at my other job) on Ngaumutawa Road this  Kenworth T650 went past with a load of Moxy. The colour looks like Satherleys, but I didn't quite get to see the sign on the door.
Still looks very smart for what I discovered  is a 1994 model.
Also, note the old Foden coming up behind.
 Wednesday, I spotted this very original BMW 728i parked in Masterton's Queen Street shopping area.
It looked as though it was in everyday use and had very straight panels for a 1986 model.
1986 was the last year for this E23 model which was the first series of BMW's very successful 7 series and the 728i , with the 2788cc  6 cylinder power plant, was the most numerous of this series, with some 70,000 examples being produced.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Last Ride

Last weekend was my last chance to take my bike out before the rego runs out and I put it on hold for the winter. I was going to go through the Turakina valley road, but on finding freshly graded, thick gravel, I decided to give this a miss and divert over Mt Curl and on to Hunterville.
A quick stop at Turakina.
After changing my route , I went past the Marton Reservoirs which I assume supply  Marton with its drinking water.
Mount Curl being a high point , appears to have all the radio and television masts for the Manawatu/Rangitikei area.
As I did last time I passed through Hunterville, I decided to eat at Crank's Cafe again, but this time I took my camera in.
There is a lot of interesting motorcycle stuff.
...and a Gnat. This one is Villiers powered, some of them had 4 stroke Hondas.
A collection of bicycles.
A couple from Feilding who was eating there at the same time, rode up on this Triumph Thruxton.
I don't know how it performs, but man it looks good.
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I still think motorcycle engines should be a feature of their appearance, not covered by all enclosing fairings.
Just as I was about to leave, this fairly new Kenworth K200 passed through, heading north on SH 1.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Trucks,Cars and Bikes etc.

Recently saw this old Commer parked in a field just outside of town. It has "Castlepoint Station" on the door.
Although it is a different colour I suspect it is the remains of....
....the Castlepoint Station Commer I snapped many years ago, loaded up with wool.
At an industrial site where I empty some wheelie bins on my Tuesday job, there was this very nice Harley parked in the staff bike shed.
This KW was at the tip, one day when I was unloading, collecting a load of goods for recycling.
It's a K104 from 2005.
2013 DAF XF105 with 5 axle trailer loads up at Webstar.
2010 Volvo FH bread truck in Palmerston North.
Not many Ford Sierras around these days. They came to New Zealand mostly as estates (station Wagons) to fill the spot vacated by the Cortina estate.
Ford NZ had replaced the Cortina in NZ with the Telstar, which was really a Mazda 626, but at that stage there was no Telstar estate.
So a Sierra Sapphire (which the sedan was called) are even rarer. This example is a 1990 Cosworth so that is even rarer still.
The deep side windows look a little odd now compared with the modern styling trend which seems to favour deep doors and shallow side glass.
Big red 8 wheeler Mack , not even registered yet, at MTD in Palmerston North.
And the same again if you prefer blue.
Three used Macks for sale.
The LH one is a 2011 Granite while the other two are both Tridents from 2010.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Transport Wairarapa

I recently had contact from Megan Flynn, who wanted to use some of my photos. Megan is a daughter of the late Bill Hargreaves and as part of her site she has assembled a history of Transport Wairarapa and Hargreaves Transport and associated companies along with a gallery. I have included some of the photos here, but take a look at
I wasn't aware of Hargreaves Transport ever having a Guy Warrior, but here it is. The only Guy I ever remember with this style of cab, in NZ, was a logger which I saw passing through Te Puke many years ago. I believe it was operated by Hugh Fraser and was an Invincible.
This ERF I remember well as a freight delivery truck around Masterton..
In the mid 1960s there was a truck display in the Horseshoe car park in Masterton. It was associated with a transport conference in town at the time. At that display was a Nissan of this configuration (could have been this exact truck) and the first Kenworth I had ever seen, but it was before I possessed a camera.
A couple of years ago I tried to track down some photos that were taken at that event by our local newspaper, as I had a clipping of it and therefore the exact date it was published.
Unfortunately it had been misfiled and could not be tracked down.
Also, before I owned a camera, this eight wheeler AEC arrived on the local scene. It was an impressive and extremely handsome truck at the time. In fact , to me, it still looks good now.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

And a Few more Trucks

John Lockley's Kenworth with B-train attached.
This size sleeper looks a bit large for this length chassis, the coupling appears to be over the rearmost axle.
Snapped at seaview.
A line of brand new Midliners at MTD in Palmerston North.
Volvo F12 of Tony Fryer contracted to Shell.
Nupins T600 Kenworth parked in Cuba Street, Petone.
"Kiwi Thunder" on display in Stokes Valley.
I assume only the body was provided by Nissan?
Ford D750 horse truck, operating in Marlborough.
Daihatsu Delta with 5th wheel caravan outside the Colonial Cottage in Chapel Street, Masterton..
Wonderfully colourful Jeepney at Southward's Car Museum.
One of the famous Combined Haulage Kenworth Aerodynes at Solway Park Motor Inn, Masteron
This 1981 Mercedes Benz 2025 operated by contractor C.Bannister & Son in Masterton,
was imported in 1986 having been previously registered in the UK.
Mack Superliner and Foden operated by Herb Renall at his depot, at the time, in Ngaumutawa Road, Masterton.
Scania R470 of the TR Group loading out of Premier Bacon in Carterton.