Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wheels With Attitude (3)

The Triumph 2000 and 2500 was a popular choice of family saloon in New Zealand.
This 2500TC (twin carb not twin cam) is a 1973 model.

The Wolseley version of the BMC ADO16 model.
This is a 1972 1300cc automatic.
These vehicles were produced in Morris, Austin, MG, Riley and Vanden Plas versions as well.

The big Wolseley saloon was solid and comfortable.
A 6/110 from 1964.
There was an Austin version of this car, but no Morris, MG or Riley.
There was a luxurious Vanden Plas model, which in later versions had a 4 litre Rolls Royce engine.

The Wolseley 6/80 was based on the 4 cylinder Morris Oxford body shell, but with a changed structure forward of the firewall to house the 6 cylinder ohc engine. There was also a Morris version, simply called "Six" .
Interior of the above, '53 Wolseley.

The Triumph Dolomite is an 1850cc , small, high performance saloon produced by Triumph in the 70s.

1962 Rambler Classic.

The 1925 Morris Cowley was part of the "Bullnose" range, so called because of its unusual curved radiator

Sometimes referred to as Ford of England's Mustang, the Capri came with various engine sizes.
On the left is a 1975 2.0 litre, while on the right is a 1974 1600cc.

F model Vauxhall Victor was a brave design for its day, in 1957.

1958 Austin Healey 100 and an Austin A70 Hampshire, built from 1950 until 1954.

Beautifully presented Morris Minor series MM.

One of my first girl friends had one of these and it looked almost exactly like this one....

...apart from the added flashing direction indicators.

1960 Austin A40 Farina.
These were popular with owners who wanted to performance modify their ride.

1974 Dodge van.

1971 Mercedes Benz 250CE.
Daimler Benz were clever at making good looking coupe versions of their saloons.

Wolseley 1500 and Triumph Vitesse 2.0 litre.

1940 Studebaker Champion Coupe.

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