Monday, April 29, 2013

Mainly Citroen

I've just had a few days away in the Taupo/Rotorua area, but didn't manage to stand still long enough to get any truck photos. Did, however, catch up briefly with the Citroen meeting at Taupo.
Almost half a million of these Citroen H model vans were built over a 34 year production period., but this is the first time I have ever seen one in the flesh. Hardly surprising really, as they were only produced in LHD.
This one was being used to serve food and/or drinks. Note the fridge unit (or is it an oven) located where the passengers head would normally be.
I've always liked Citroen's outrageous styling. the CX is no exception, but can't recall seeing one with this sort of aluminium wheel before. I assume it's an aftermarket item.
There used to be quite a few GS/GSA models on the road, but there were only two at Taupo.
I like the C6.
Looks like a modern day version of the CX.
I'm not particularly fond of the colour of this one, however.
1954 B15.
Love 'em or hate 'em. The DS range was certainly distinctive.
This one from 1971.
Dyanes are fairly rare in NZ. A sort of modern version of the 2CV.
Strange styling, but practical.
A 1982 2CV.
This 1937 Roadster was certainly unique.
On the shiny ripples of Lake Rotorua, sits a de Havilland DHC -3 Otter float plane.
I did get one truck picture. This Nissan UD horse transporter.
I'm not sure how many nags it can carry, but it has an allowable gross mass of 17 tonnes.
I spotted this 1951 Studebaker Champion parked at Waiouru.
I guess their styling could almost be called the American Citroen !

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Truck Siftings.

A few more pics sifted from the last of my scanned photos.
Tony Collins' 2007 Western Star 4964FX hauls tanks of powdered cement for the Golden Bay cement company.
Here, it is on display at an American car show.
The alternative to an 8 wheeler twin steer tractor is this configuration. Single steer with a tridem rear end..
This 2003 Mack Trident operated by Taati Transport is loading at Premier Bacon Company in Carterton.
A slightly blurry shot of McDowall's Western Star passing through Waiouru.
This 1990 Mack Ultraliner MHS622RST parked at Waiouru was still doing splendid service in  2008.
Eagle Transport Kenworth with a load of large pipes.
Express Logistics Fuso parked with B-train in Stokes Valley.
Assisting with the extensions to the IBM building in Petone, is this Mack CH of HRS.
8 wheeler Freightliner and four axle trailer might be full of ice-cream !.
Another American from the John Lockley fleet is this 1992 Kenworth T602.
Not yet painted in the familiar gold livery.
The colours in this photo must have been too bland for the scanner to recognise.
So a black & white image of a Mercedes 1835 operated by Second 2 None.
Volvo FH12 460 Globetrotter operated by Freightlines, parked in Masterton on a gloomy winter's day.
Another shot taken on a gloomy day.
Denis Reichenbach's Mercedes Benz Actros 2657 unloads at Countdown supermarket in Wainuiomata.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

magie b's Truck Run 13 April 2013

magie b's is a hairdressing salon, in Masterton, owned by Christine Brewster who organizes a truck convoy to give rides as a treat for intellectually disadvantaged and autistic members of our community. Christine, and husband Jim, came up with the idea a few years ago and this is the eighth running of this event.Unfortunately Jim has since passed away, but Christine has kept the event going as a memory to her husband and for her love of the big rigs and the delight that all participants get from the occasion.
These snaps were all taken at the Ngaumutawa/Akura Roads intersection.
WLT (Wairarapa Livestock Transport) evolved from the old David Pope fleet. This is their 2011 Scania R620.
Another WLT rig, a 2012 Freightliner Argosy.
Quality Demolition made the effort to come over from Wellington.
Their 2012 Kenworth  T409SAR leads their  2011 K108.
I would think this K108 would be one of the last with the old style "square" grill.
One of very few T2000 Kenwoths in New Zealand.
This 1999 example is followed by McAuley's 2010 Western Star 4864FXC.
More of the McAuley's fleet. A 2010Kenworth T404s and 2011 Freightliner Argosy.
Another McAuley's Argosy. This time an older 2007 model, ahead of an almost brand new  DAF CF85 which went on the road in February this year.
The Burling Kenworths were there in force. this first two in this line are a T404s from 2008 and a T408 model of 2011.
Bobby D's 1996 ERF EC14 still soldiers on, well on the way to its second million kilometres;
and still looking as smart as ever.
Bobby's fleet now also includes this 2012 Freightliner Argosy.
Master Roads showed up with their 2008 Hino FS.
A 2012 Isuzu CYJ460 in Owens livery.
Lemon and Paeroa is a famous brand of soft drink in NZ. They were renowned for having the first two KW Aerodynes in  the country. This 1988 K100E has been restored in the L&P livery.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trucks, Tractors and Housetrucks

A few more scrapings from the archives.
On Marine Parade in Napier is this 2004 Iveco Cursor Eurotech of Emmerson's Transport.
Also in Napier is this Nissan UD CW380 Mikado.
On a recent blog I showed John Lockley's 1996 Marmon. Here is his 1997 model at Seaview.
A 1995 Volvo FH12 420 Kauriland fuel tanker at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton with the snout of a Cresco agricultural aircraft behind.
2004 Kenworth K104 Aerodyne of Sobro Trucking.
At Buckeridge's yard in Dannevirke is their Western Star 4864 FA.
A 1977 Bedford J1 still performing fine duty as a tug for this large caravan.
A cheap way to get yourself a mobile home is to buy an old box bodied rig like this D series Ford and fit out the interior like a house.
The owner of this TK Bedford with tandem rear end has built the whole house himself.
This Ford 9700 is used for launching a fishing boat at Castlepoint on the Wairarapa coast and is in remarkably good condition for a vehicle that spends all of its life in salt water and sand.
Another fishing boat tug is this Ford County four wheel drive, also at Castlepoint.
An International 9800i Eagle and trailer of Mayking Transport is parked up at  Copthorne Solway Park Motor Inn in Masterton, with its curtains tied back.
Has the driver just washed the decks or has he travelled through strong cross winds with no load.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trucks and Tractors

As I have been saying for a while, I'm getting to the last of my archives. Some of these pics maybe of rigs I have already featured, but from a different angle or lesser quality photos.
1989 Scania R143M of unknown ownership at Seaview with the curtains drawn.
NZ Dive and Salvage use this double cab 1988 Fuso to haul all their gear and their  rugged looking boat.
International 9800 Eagle from 2004 also at Seaview.
Almost in the same place, but on a much sunnier day is this Owens liveried  Volvo F12  Globetrotter from 1988.
Pivot steer and dual wheels all round for this John Deere 8430 of Rick Goodman's, working on a housing development north of Upper Hutt.
Before they came badged as Fuso this Mitsubishi FS430 in Owens colours carries a load of  squashed cars.
In McAuley,s yard in Masterton on a weekend is an Isuzu Gigamax 530 loaded , ready to go on Monday morning.
Scania B-train with effectively liveried curtains at Seaview.
Ready to pick up a load of Premier Bacon Companies fine products, is this 2007 Kenworth T404s eight axle rig.
At the same site as the previous John Deere, Goodman's twin  engined WABCO scraper makes its noisy way across the horizon.
A TD Haulage Kenworth parked up at Copthorne Solway Park Motor Inn with the bins tipped to keep out the rain.
Hammond Crane and Cartage operate this 2003 Volvo FM9 380 with appropriate rego plate to transport fork lifts for  Crown.