Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few Old Pics

Christmas has been a busy time, so my blog has been a little neglected. Here's a few to carry on with from my archives.
1950 Chev Loadmaster at Trentham All American Car Day in 2006
1946 Ford Pickup at a Ford gathering in Queen Elizabeth Park in Masterton.
At the same meeting, a 1938 Ford 3 ton.
1956 Chev El Camino (Trentham 2006)
1949 Ford Ute at Masterton.
Very nice Ford F100 from 1954.
Even the non-standard wheels look right on this.
From one of the British Car Days held at Trentham Park each February, a 1961 Morris Half Ton.
1947 International KB1.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bedford Fleet

Sturgeon Amusements from Motueka (northern end of the South Island) appear to be a fan of Bedfords. I snapped three of four of their Bedfords parked in Carterton yesterday. Unfortunately I was working at the time, so only had time for this quick snap and a look as I drove by.
All three shown appear to be KMs. The front one was definitely Detroit powered as I assume were the other two.
The fourth one, which was parked further back, had single headlamps so I'm not sure exactly what model it was or its power plant.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Newer Technology

This week I have finally bought myself a digital SLR camera. At last I may be able to get some snaps of equivalent quality to my old film SLR. Though a bigger zoom lens might have to be on my buying list.
I had to fly to a funeral in the South Island only a couple of days after getting it, so here a few shots associated with the trip to Blenheim.
The new camera in all its glory !
TNL Volvo FH520 with B-train near Springlands in Blenheim.
Another TNL rig in the same place with 40ft container.
This one is a 2004 Sterling 9500.
Descending into Blenheim with the snow covered peak of  Tapuaenuku (2885m) in the background.
The windmills at Makara on the climb out of Wellington.
Communications tower under a silky veil near Wellington.
Crossing the coast on the approach to the South Island.