Tuesday, February 13, 2018

British Car Day 2018 (1).

British Car Day, at Trentham Park this year, allowed Europeans to join in to increase the numbers attending. These were represented by Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, VW, Fiat and a handful of individuals.
Smart little split window Morrie convertible.

A superbly kept Ford Escort.

1951 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley....lovely.

A long time since I've seen a Fiat 128. I worked at a Fiat dealership when they were new and were a much nicer drive than the Jappas of that time. Unfortunately, like many cars of that era, they succumbed to the dreaded tin worm !

I always found these a nice drive, especially in manual form.
Triumph 2500 TC, a '75 and a '76.

The FB Vauxhall Victor was quite popular in NZ, but the estates were not common.

Jaguar Mk V....what can I say?

Another nice Triumph 2500.
This one an "S", first registered in 1978.
The "S" model had all the fittings of the PI (injected) model but with an up-rated carburettor engine similar to that fitted to the TR6 sports car and, of course, the alloy wheels, as shown..

One of the supercharged versions of the 4 litre Jaguar V8.
A 2000 XJ-R.

Rover P5B didn't get a wash before the event.

The VW contingent.

1946 Morris 8 series E has the upright headlamps fitted, which was a common conversion.

1957 Austin A35 Countryman has had the grille plated or polished and 1098cc engine fitted.
1959 Hillmam Minx series III with 1494ccs.

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