Tuesday, February 13, 2018

British Car Day 2018 (3).

'67 Chevy wasn't actually part of the display, but still worthy of a photo.

Registered as a Sunbeam Talbot 90, but weren't these called Alpine?

A 1935 Austin Litchfield.

Nice to see a Mk 1 Ford Consul, when it's usually Zephyrs that steal the limelight.

Cute little MG 1300 with Minilite wheels.

I don't think a '52 Standard Vanguard looked this good when new !

Loaded and lowered.
1958 Volkswagen Beetle of 1776cc !

1972 VW type 2 is superb.

Dave's Jaguar 420G is just lovely. It's a manual with overdrive.
Dave saw this for sale in Wellington when he was a young man and then tracked its ownership over the years until it eventually came up for sale again and he could afford it.
Dave also owns a 2 litre Triumph Vitesse in Herald Coupe form, with full Triumph 2000 running gear, including the overdrive , larger brakes and taller diff.

1974 Series II Daimler Sovereign V12 in the unusual colour known as Coral

Next best thing to a 420, the S-type.
A 1965 3.4 Auto.

1987 Rolls Royce still has presence.

1969 Jaguar 240.
This is the last of the Mk II series, easily identified by its slim bumpers.

Armstrong-Siddeley line.

A couple of the mighty Morris minor 1000s.
A Traveller (more commonly called a Woody) and a 4 door saloon.

'67 Austin Mini van with big wheels and big flares.
Then the rain came down and cars began to leave. Like this Rover P6B 3500S.
That's 3.5 V8 with 4 speed manual.

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