Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fordson With a Cat In It.

Max has sent me these photos he took on a recent outing with the vintage car club.
This Fordson truck is the workshop "hack" for the panel beater at Hunterville.
With a rather stern looking cat sitting at the stern.

This 1929 Chev has only had a re-paint and covered just 35,000 miles since new!!
Max also sent this pic of an International he managed to quickly snap passing his house.

We went for a ride to Matinborough for lunch today.
Didn't manage to see anything worth photographing, but did pass through a swam of bees, which made an awful mess of my fairing.

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Couple of Other Pics

McKenzie Motors, where I work, was previously known as Sharples Motors. I found this old night-time photo at work, taken in the 1960s.
Some interesting vehicles including AP5 Valiants,  Dodge sedans, a Dodge truck, Hillman Minx, Humber Super Snipe and a lone Holden being displayed in the Chrysler Showroom!
...and how McKenzies  looks today in daylight.
This '59 Oldsmobile 88 Dynamic is not often seen on the road.
I managed to snap it recently on one of its few outings.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some Dregs from Cruise Martinborough.

The last of my Cruise Martinborough shots.
'77 Malibu isn't a common sight.

2010 Camaro looks quite similar to Charger of same era to me.
Apologies to all GM and Mopar fans.
Interior of '55 Bel-air.
'62 Corvette.
1939 Chev Master.
'59 Impala.
'64 Impala.
'55 Buick Century.
'69 Lincoln Continental.
Not sure exactly what this is, but workmanship was superb.
1973 XA Falcon GT.
Another view of the '49 Merc.
Registered as a '65 , but definitely a '66 Mustang.
This comes about because new year models are often released in the last half of the previous year.
Side on view of the Ford Model A.
Another '67 Ford Galaxie.
This old truck was in a yard near a service station in Martinborough.
I'm fairly sure it's a mid '30s Federal.
Also in the same yard was this rather rusty Benz.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cruise Martinborough...Other stuff.

A few more odds and ends from  Martinborough.
2008 Nissan Skyline GTR.
I'm sure the guy in the striped shirt was stalking me.
Martinborough was a great setting for the event.
I guess if you've come to see American cars, a Bentley is a bit of a yawn.
Bare metal "Beetle" looked mean.
Fairly original HQ Premier with old '"striped shirt" looking in the window.
"Striped shirt" only made a passing glance at the Auburn Speedster.
I was brought up with BMC products, so an MG of this era brings a smile to my face.
Even the interior is cool.
By the admiring look, I think "striped shirt" must have owned a PA Velox in his youth.
GM, Ford and Mopar and who walks through the middle of my frame?
HR Holden in excellent condition.
1949 Buick Super looked super from the front...
...and the rear.
Model A Fordor and 84 Cadillac Fleetwood,
but "striped shirt" shows his true colours by ignoring the cars and looking at the young lady on the cell phone.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Pics from Oz

Max has sent me some photos from a friend who is driving big rigs in Australia.
A mixture of plain white Kenworths and Western Stars in the setting sun..
Big Volvo is almost dwarfed by the dump truck tray it is carrying.
Peterbilt 389 is loaded with lights, chrome, stainless steel and polished aluminium.

Cruise Martinborough....Mopars

My favourite Americans. Probably because they are not as common as the Fords and GMs.
1976 Chrysler Valiant. It doesn't seem that long ago I was working in a Chrysler dealership fitting tyres to these.
OK I know it is Australian, but it was developed from the American Valiant.
You've got to commend the designers of the Plymouth Prowler for being different.
2009 Dodge Challenger.
With its shortened wheelbase the 1972 Chrysler Valiant Charger E49 RT is really more Australian than American.
1934 Chrysler CA sedan.
1972 Plymouth Barracuda.
'71 Dodge Super Bee.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cruise Martinborough...GM

The Cruise Martinborough participants which have owners with a penchant for cars created by GM.
Unusual Chevy truck was for sale.
2010 Camaro.
'58 Chevy
171....(that's 3x57)
'72 Buick Riviera with tandem axle caravan.
'72 Chevelle SS 454ci.
'71 Buick Skylark in a shade you wouldn't lose in a supermarket car park
Superb '61 Corvette.
1970 Holden Monaro HG with 350 V8.
Nice to see an example on the standard rims and trims.