Sunday, February 4, 2018

Harvest Rally (3).

Cables, shafts, pins, pivots, struts, chains.....

1967 Jeep 3520 appears to be an military ambulance or communication rig.

A visitor leaves on his Kawasaki W650.
A British tradition with Japanese reliability.

Well made wooden toys for sale.

A montage of the DB Clydesdales carved in wood by hand

Oh ! A Bedford "O".

Ts for 2.

Lanz Bulldog from Germany.

Big Austin.

The late David Tulloch built two of these Bedford powered Pace Maker tractors for towing implements from one farm to another at road speed, as tractors of that time were very low geared and consequently slow.
The second unrestored Pace Maker is in the background.

Driver's eye view from the Invicta steam roller.

Steam car is fast and almost silent.

Modern Hino was part of a hay bale handling demonstration.

The McLaren puffs a little smoke into the threatening sky.

Bedford CA van in original condition.

Helicopter rides were also available.

Burrell traction engine on the move.

1959 Oldsmobile 98 in the car park.

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