Sunday, September 30, 2012

More of Max's Mighty Motoring Memories

Here's a few more pics from Max's dads days with Wycherleys.
An International loaded with a launch and with what appears to be an horrendous overhang.

The Morris Commercial loaded with wool.

A shot of the Commer Superpoise loading fert into the Tiger Moth.

And a close-up.

This Chevy of about 1942 vintage was snapped at Kopataroa near Levin... was this Kenworth tipper...

...and this line of interesting vehicles, including a couple of Mercedes-Benzes, a Willys Jeep, several Internationals,
a B series Mack and two Bedfords with extended cabs.

From the front porch Max has snapped a couple of modern rigs. Eight axles of R model Scania with trailer hauling dry goods for AF Logistics who carry supplies for the Foodstuffs group which owns the Pak'n Save and New World supermarket chains, amongst others.

Another eight axles, but this time in a different configuration, of Mack and semi-trailer of Provincial hauling under the Linfox name which carries the goods for  Progessive Enterprises; owners of Woolworths and Countdown supermarkets.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Max's Marvellous Memories

Max sent me a link to these awsome black and white photos.
Max's Dad drove for G.S.Wycherley in Ashhurst, here is their Dodge with sacks of fertilizer being loaded into the hopper to be transfered to the DH82 (Tiger Moth) in the background. The truck on the left is a Commer Superpoise and to the right an Austin.

International and Chev with stock crates.

Two Internationals with stock crates.

Morris Comercial on a tipping job.

The Dodge again with sack load. Maybe to load into that Tiger Moth.

One of the Internationals again, with a big load of wool.

This Federal of Wycherley's now resides at the late Bill Richardson's truck museum in Invercargill.
In the early 50s, Max's dad left Wycherley's to start his own carrying business. This is a Bedford he owned.

This brand new S model Bedford was a bit of a rarity in NZ, as it was a diesel. Note there is only a mirror on the driver's side and the diesel badge on the front panel just below the steering wheel.
In this era in NZ some of the big British rigs like Leyland, Atkinson and AECs were diesels, but middle-weights, like Bedfords, were normally petrol powered.

Later a TK Bedford kept company with the S.

This International, being American, was more likely to be petrol powered.

A brand new Australian International ACCO cab and chassis arrives. I sincerely hope this was diesel powered, as the petrol V8s were renowned for their thirst. One operator told me he got 4 mpg loaded and 2 mpg with a trailer.

Now the ACCO has a deck and has been loaded up with wool.

These are great photos and if anyone else has anything similar I will gladly publish them.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures from a Blog Follower

Max Youle of Palmerston North has sent me some truck photos. These first ones he took from his front porch.
A Hooker's Scania streaks by with what looks like a "trombone" trailer, loaded with sailboat fuel.

Eight wheeler Hino with rear crane for hire.

Freightliner Argosy of Booth's pulling a step-framed trailer with curtains all round.

Another Booth's Argosy sans trailer.

Curtains again for this Roadfreighters Nissan.

Hino six wheeler gets the mail through for New Zealand Post.

Plain white with very small identification that this Scania belongs to the Truck Rentals Group.
Whilst working on the roads near Max's house a Higgin's Mack arrived to dispatch this Raco soil stabilizer in a nearby field.
As you can see the tyres are hanging over the sides of the deck and would need some careful unloading....

.....One loud CRASH later and the machine had slipped over the edge as the driver attempted to get it to the ground.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Few More

Going through my photos from the beginning again, I have found a few more that I haven't published, though some are of poorer quality.
A blurry shot of a Mack Cruise-Liner passing through Orewa.

Pacific logger.

Night shot of NZR's Bedford TM with tarped load ready to set off in the dawn.

Jacob's of Levin had this Leyland heavy haul tractor.

At Fagan Ford in Masterton is a brand new D series Ford, awaiting delivery to Martinborough Freighters.

R series Mack with twin air cleaners.
Keith Guptill's D series Ford had an extended cab.
Taken at Masterton's Solway Park Motor Inn (now Copthorne).

Yaxley of Napier displayed this early model White Road Boss at a truck show.

When I ran the parts department at Vic's Subaru in Masterton, I worked with the late Doug Wishart. Doug at one stage crewed for the Sutherland brothers with their racing powerboat. Seen here with its Chevy Blazer to move it around.

Doug travelled to the US with the boat crew and brought me this photo of the sort of rig they used over there to tow their boats around. An International Transtar II.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Gems of the 70s

The following pics were given to me by a very nice lady from Auckland who had had a partner who was right into trucks. After they split she ceased the truck enthusiasm and the photos were almost chucked in the bin. Fortunately I was in the right place at the right time. Originally I was not going to post them as the quality isn't great (taken with an Instamatic), but I realised they are real gems.
F series Mack of Bob Laing Papatoetoe.

The caption on the back of this photo says this is Mr America, which is D&K's showpiece.
The two children in the photo are Jason and Tina.

Danny Lendich's sleeper equipped Kenworth. Photo taken mid 1977.

The back of the photo says Ian Spedding's 3 KWs and Stevie's and Roose Industries Internationals.
This was taken at Ardmore Aerodrome during the filming of a Dunlop Aquajet TV ad.
I remember this ad well, where the trucks simultaneously dumped a huge amount of water in front of a braking car.

6 wheeler Scammell Crusader in brand new condition.

Ken McLeod's Kenworth.

Scott Transport's Kenworth.

Early White Road Boss.

Nicely painted Kenworth of Alexander Grain.

This photo, taken at Feilding, is apparently NZ's first Kenworth C500.

Volvo N10.

Smart Australian International ACCO 2152A.

Freightways Mack for heavy haulage work.

Early R series Mack of Green and McCahill.

Big ugly Hino of Turners and Growers.

Leaders from Australia were quite popular in NZ, while they lasted, usually Caterpillar powered and often with a Spicer transmission.

Early K model Kenworth with narrow grille, but not often seen with single headlamps.

Roose Industries International 3070.

This pic was sent to me by Matt Watson, who follows my blog. It is the 3 axle TK Bedford that his father, Trevor, used to drive for Bennet's Freight.