Tuesday, January 31, 2017

All Aussie Car Day...Chrysler, Leyland and others

Chrysler Australia excelled when they built the Charger

There were  seven Leyland P76s in attendance.
The blue one  is the only 6 cylinder example currently on the road in NZ.

One of the V8 models.

An outsider. A Ford Crestline Skyliner.

Another oddity, a 1988 Lincoln coverted into a very large ute.

A couple more commercials. Chevy and Ford.

I like the imposing face of the 1978 CL Valiant Regal.

Charger R/T

The VF Valiant was released for the 1969 model year and this example is as it would have left the dealer's showroom.

The Australian arm of BMC released the Mini K.
Besides it's 1100cc motor and obvious wind up windows with quarter lights and recessed exterior door handles,there were many other differences.
The owner told me he had discovered that the boot lid and the panel beneath the windscreen are somewhat different to the UK models.

The CJ Chrysler was built on a longer wheelbase version of the Valiant (as used for the Safari, station wagons) in luxury form.
A boss I worked for in the 80s owned one. It was the first car I had ever driven a car with electrically adjustable driver's seat.
I thought they all had the 265ci Hemi six or the 360ci V8, but according to Carjam this particular example is powered by the 318ci V8.

Another of the V8 P76s.

Bright red Mk 2 looks smart.

Plymouth Duster has a 440ci  V8.

VJ Valiant Safari from 1973.

The last of the Hunters carried the Chrysler name, with no mention of Hillman.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

All Aussie Car Day...Holden

Here are the Holdens I snapped at the All Aussie Car Day.
Pristine Monaro HK in 327ci form.
I think this colour was used in the advertising when they were first released.

Commodores were plentiful.

Holdens wouldn't have been anything without their utes.

Torana hathces seem to be something enthusiasts love or hate.

I don't like photographing cars with their bonnets open, but sometimes there is no choice and....

...it does give one an opportunity  to look at an immaculate engine bay.

HQ Monaro 253 was as new from the front...

...on the inside and...

...from the rear.

HQ sedans were an important model for Holden.

Toranas were popular, but have thinned out over the years.

Earlier body Torana was smaller (and less roomy inside), but I think they had more character.

Some long wheelbase luxury models were branded as Chevrolet.

I've always had a bit of a lean towards white cars.

Another ute and...

....another Monaro.

Cruise Martinborough 2017.

I managed a 2 hour lunch on Friday to snap the display at The Farriers car park of the cars in this years Cruise Martinborough.
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner.
All the roadrunner's of this era looked similar, but I consider this model (1970) to have the nicest frontal treatment.

The Chrysler Valiant Charger must be one of the best Australian creations.

1977 Dodge Aspen is unusual.

Mustangs new and old.

Late 50s American pick-ups are cool.

'65 Mustang's sides are like a mirror.

Not many utes of this model left.

El Camino in bright yellow couldn't be missed.

Two door Chevy looks just right.

Plymouth is low, but otherwise fairly standard looking.

HR Holden in X2 (twin carb) form was an automatic with individual front seats.

Love this body style. Roadrunner, blue....

....and Roadrunner orange


Paint was very deep on this Ford.

I've never liked the "gunsights"on the '57 bonnets.
Much prefer the '56

Nice Chevy...horrible matt black paint.

My favourite of the tri-Chevys, a '56 Bel-Air....

....a '56 Two-Ten....

...and a '56 Bel-Air Nomad.

I remember fitting tyres to these when they were relatively new.
Mag wheels were a common option as the original equipment was a bit skinny.

Heavy breathing Chevy truck.

Another neat 50s pick-up.


They used to be common, but not many tidy examples around now.

'55 Hudson Jet Liner

I drool over this Jaguar 420 with 4 speed MOD every time I see it.

The same '56 as seen side-on further up.