Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Mixed Bag

Here is a mixed bag of truck photos of all sorts of makes and types.
When NZ was competing in the America's Cup yachting races, a hull of one of the race boats did a promotional tour throughout the country behind this Mack Superliner.

Foley's Transport's 1983 Fiat 190 F38 approaches Ashhurst after coming through the Manawatu Gorge.

Taken at the same place as the above photo, but down at road level, is this1978 Mercedes Benz 2632 and4 axle trailer with a load of baled wool.

"Whistlin' Dixie" was NZs only Ford CL9000. I don't know where she is now.

Waikato Heavy Haulage operated this 1971 Scammell Contractor, seen here hauling a drag-line rig in the far North of the North Island.

A Daihatsu articulated unit hauling cargo for Air New Zealand.

Milk tankers in NZ now are mostly 4 axle rigids towing 4 axle trailers, but previous to this they were mostly seen in A-train configuration like this 1983 Mitsubishi FP315JR.

Can't you just here the V8 Perkins winding up as this Dodge makes a run at the steep climb up Haywards, north of Wellington.

I spotted this old White Mixer near Patea in Taranaki on the Western side of the North Island.

A load of what looks like wall board tests the strength of the trailer of this Transport Wairarapa Nissan Jumbo in the rail yards at Masterton, while the driver tests the strength of the bull-bar.

An ERF with the Motor Panels cab is parked at a new supermarket development in Masterton.

A narrow cab TM Bedford unloads on the "wrong" side of the road in Chapel street in Masterton.

In one of my other blogs I showed one of the Oshkosh tow trucks that moved the components for the Motonui synthetic petrol plant. They also had these Clark loaders with road tyres and "push" plates up front to push the trailers that the Oshkoshes were towing. My wife is holding it still for the photo.

Senton Timber's 1984 Mack R722 RST Cruise-Liner awaits a load at Daniell's Mill in Masterton.
Wynn Mitchell was an owner driver, carting produce for Turners and Growers with this Mack Cruise-Liner.

A chemical tanker B-train exits Dulux Paints yard at Seaview, pulled by a Freightways Scania R142M of 1983 vintage.

Donovan's no longer exists, but they operated a horse transport service for many years from their base in Masterton. Here their Isuzu rig descends Mount Bruce heading to home base.

Monday, July 18, 2011

European Trucks

The first European trucks in NZ probably began appearing in the 1960s with a few Mercedes-Benz coming into the country, but it wasn't till the 70s that other European truck makes began arriving. Most of the following photos were snapped in the 1980s.
This Kirbys of Nelson Mercedes with furniture trailer hasn't started its days work yet, as is evident by the heavy dew on the glass. This unit has the optional high, front-mounted air intake, often specified for dusty climates.
Kirbys became a part of the Transport Nelson group in 1970, thus giving Transport Nelson an entry into the world of  furniture removal  which was a large proportion of Kirbys business.

Lower Hutt's Neal Machirus had a few of these Australian sourced LK111 Scanias. LKs of course have the set forward front axle, which necessitates entry by climbing the steps behind the wheel then stepping forward to the door, similar to entering an American COE.

This V10 Mercedes-Benz 2232 stock truck climbs the road over the Kaimai Range. This Benz also has the front-mounted high air intake.

In Shell livery, is a 1982 Fiat 170 heading North along the Eastern shores of Lake Taupo.

This smart 1978 Mercedes-Benz 1424 in day cab form is configured as an A-train. In Tokoroa, where this was snapped,   those flat decks  most probably cart cut timber.

Gray Brothers of Greytown use their G88 Volvo (set forward front axle model) to move a shop to a new location. This picture in Pownall Street Masterton.

Northern Southland Transport are big user of German "breeds". This 3 axle MAN with 4 axle drawbar trailer takes on a load of concrete building blocks in Queenstown.

Tatras are not common in NZ, but a few arrived here in the 70s and 80s. Many of them were employed in off-road work. This one I spotted somewhere in rural South Island. Tatras were unusual in having independent rear suspension with swing axles.

A 4 wheel drive Mercedes-Benz with wide tyres was rigged as a fertilizer spreader, parked at Fox Glacier.

"There's an Aussie in our midst." A lone International sits amongst the Mercedes-Benzs of the Gleeson fleet in Pahiatua.
Eric Gleeson will be remembered for his passion for the German product and his scones that he regularly baked for his staff.

Renaults seemed to disappear as fast as they arrived on the NZ trucking scene. This one was parked at the side of State Highway 3, N.W. of Palmerston North.

Smaller Scanias, like this LB80 from 1972, are not as common as the heavy duty models in NZ. Even less common to see one as a tow truck.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Some More Kenworths

This superbly restored 1974 W924L was at the 2010 Vintage Harvest held in Carterton with some very nice artwork.

Also at the 2010 Vintage Harvest was this 1973 LW924R.

Clothier Earthworks of Mount Maunganui are still working this1979 W924, which is in amazing condition for a working truck of this age. Parked up for the night at Copthorne Solway Park Motor Inn in Masterton.

This 2007 T404S of Blue Ice Logistics is a 4-axle twin steer tractor pulling a 4-axle fridge trailer. Here it is loading up with chilled products at Premier Bacon Co in Carterton.

A 1993 kenworth T950 with narrow aerodyne style sleeper negotiates Wellington city traffic without trailer.

Transport Dynamics Ltd's 2004 model is parked with a load of two containers at Masterton Motor Lodge.

Rawhiti Earthmovers T950 operated in the lower North Islang for a short time on a logging contract. Here it pulls a load North approaching the summit of the Rimutaka Hill Road.

TD Haulage are long time KW users. This 3 axle rigid with 4 axle trailer is at Masterton Motor Lodge.

This T904 parked at Seaview is operated by P & D Haulage in the Wellington area. 

A Truck Rentals T401 pulls a fuel tanker for Kauriland, before they got Kenworths painted in their own colours.

Rorison Mineral Developments operated an all KW fleet when this photo was taken at Copthorne Solway Park Motor Inn at Masterton.Nowadays some other brands have crept into their line-up.

Mike Uhlenberg of Eltham was also a big KW user. I'm not sure if he still runs any KWs, but he definitely has a large fleet of Peterbilts today.

The O'Connor family of Masterton used to run a small fleet of stock trucks and other general freight luggers, but this KW , with extra axle installed ahead of the drive set, hauled logs in out of Rotorua. However, in this photo it is parked in their Lincoln Road yard in Masterton.
The O'Connors were real characters and I am told that one of them, in his younger days, would take a date to a his truck !

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Over Easter 2006, Masterton hosted a gathering of Studebakers. Unfortunately I had a fault in my camera at the time and many of the photos were under exposed. Here are some of those that did expose correctly.
A 1961 Hawk with 289 ci V8.

1962 Hawk GT.

You can't paint a car gloss black unless the panels are dead straight. The photos don't do justice to this 1938 President.The doors were as good a mirror as the wheel covers, and the interior had been restored to a similar standard.

This is a 1931 President Model 90. I would have liked to have taken the photo with the bonnet down, but couldn't find the owner and I didn't want to be caught touching it!

A line up of Studebaker commercials. The one nearest the camera is a 1964 Champ.

Another commercial, this time a 1938 Coupe Express.

1964 Avanti.

1961 Lark convertible.

This 1965 Daytona with sliding load area roof was the ultimate surf wagon. Seen here decorated with surf-boards and beach towels, as well as the stars and stripes.