Tuesday, January 23, 2018

All Aussie Car Day (Others)

Although Holden and Ford are the dominant Australian products, there was also Chrysler of course who put up a good show against the other two until the last Valiant rolled off the line in August 1981.
There was also Leyland/BMC.
1970 Chrysler Valiant Hardtop.
I like the styling of these.

1978 CL Regal.
This 1974 Leyland P76 is believed to be the only 6 cylinder model still running in New Zealand.
The 2.6 litre engine, although mounted north-south and driving thr rear wheels, is basically same as that used in the Australian Tasmans and Kimberleys, in which was east-west mounted and driving the front wheels.
This car has been in the Wairarapa all of its life and the daughter of the original owner is a friend of my wife, who remembers travelling in it as a teenager.

1972 Charger....

...and from the rear.

Well used 1973 VH Safari.

Another 1973 VH, but this time an immaculate hardtop.

1973 again, but now a CJ Chrysler with the 318cid V8.

1973 VH Charger 318cid V8.

My pick of all the Valiants on display was this 1970 Hardtop with 6 cylinder Hemi power.

Interior of the above car...

...and a rear view.

1971 Mini K with its standard 1098cc engine.

The '72 Charger, shown earlier, leaving the event.

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