Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Wheels With Attitude (2)

Big Mk VII Jaguar, is a manual.

R series Mack, restoration under way.

The mid sized Farina styled body was used by all the of the car companies within  BMC.
This is a Morris Oxford seriesVI of 1965 with the 1622cc engine.
This is the same body in Wolseley form.
However this is an Australia only version with the 2.6 litre six cylinder engine fitted.
Also a 1965 model, known as a 26/80

2006 Ford Mustang Saleen in standout yellow.

One of the last of the Daimler V8s with the Jaguar Mk2 body, has the slimline bumpers.
Chrome wires are the most desired wheel option, but I like the steel wheels with chrome hubcaps.

1948 Riley RM has a long low look.....

...compared with the Morris Ten, also from '48.

Ford Model A Coupe with the standard wheels and a Fordor with later model Ford wheels fitted.

1955 Chevy pickup, looks well used and is diesel powered.

Lovely stock standard 1955 Chev Bel-Air 4 Door Sedan.

1977 Ford GXL.

Looking quite similar in similar colours and both 2012 models, but in fact two very different cars.
On the left is a Chevrolet Camaro and on the right a Dodge Challenger.

This 1937 Morris Eight is a little beauty.

Nice to see a Honda XL350 from 1977.

I have seen this Jaguar before with its bigger than standard tyres and other extras, but the V8 badges didn't tell me exactly what is under the bonnet.
This time I managed to talk to the owner, who confessed that it has a 355cid Chevy engine with some performance mods.

Morris 1100s were a popular small saloon in New Zealand and it's good to see one in roadworthy condition.
It needs a bit of work, but was for sale for $3500.

1951 Velocette LE has horizontally opposed, water cooled twin with shaft drive.
And was for sale.

2015 Indian Scout.

1959 Edsel Ranger is a bit of a rarity.

Smartly replenished 1971 Peugeot U10.
Nice big square factory deck is more usable than some of todays offerings.

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