Monday, January 22, 2018

All Aussie Car Day (FORD).

Last Saturday the All Aussie Car Day was held at Manfeild. Here are some of the Fords that were present.

1998 Falcon EL XR6.

 1974 Fairmont GT.

XY Falcon GT.

1978 Ford LTD.

'66 Falcon XP Hardtop would be one of my favourite Fords.

2006 FPV Super Pursuit in YELLOW !.

'71 Falcon.

'69 Falcon

1977 Fairmont.

1972 Fairlane.

'72 Falcon V8.

XW Falcon in profile.

1984 Fairmont Ghia.

1978 Falcon Cobra.

I'll believe the bicycle was manufactured by Ford, but in Australia.....?

Another lovely '66 XP Hardtop.

2002 Falcon AU III XR6.

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