Tuesday, January 23, 2018

All Aussie Car Day (More Holdens)

Lovely '71 Torana GTR.....

...and equally lovely, but completely different 1960 FB Special.

'77 Sunbird wearing the 5 litre badge...

...and under the bonnet.

2001 HSV Clubsport 5.7 litre manual.

2009 Commodore Sportwagon SSV 5.9 litre manual.

This 1991 Commodore Executive was very appealing....

1976 Monaro 253cid sedan...

...and the rear view.

The pick of the show in my book.
'67 Premier X2 sedan.
The twin carb X2 engine  later became the 186S, when the twin carbs were replaced by a single twin barrel carburettor, which gave the same performance with simpler tuning.

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