Sunday, January 21, 2018

Holiday (4)...and Even More from the Kaimais

DAF and Hino doing battle.

FH 540 Volvo from 2014 in 4 axle form and 5 axle trailer.

An older FH Volvo, this time a 420 from 1997 in 3 axle tractor configuration with tri-axle trailer.

A couple of old Fodens from Forest Freighters....

....with consecutive personalised plates. One is '95, the other '98.

2011 Western Star 4884FX has a large convex mirror on the near-side.
This seems to be a common fitting on both sides in the US now.

Although this Kenworth and the one below look very similar, they are in fact different models, built some 8 years apart.
This one is a 2011 K108...

...and this one a K104 from 2003.

2013 Fuso Shogun 470.

2002 Kenworth T401 on it's way to pick up some machinery.

Once the traffic started moving in both directions, it became difficult to shoot between the traffic and the Armco.
2002 Kenworth T401.

2011 Scania R620 looks to be in fine condition.

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