Sunday, January 21, 2018

Holiday (5)...Tauranga.

We stayed with a friend in Tauranga, that I hadn't seen for about 45 years. A walk to her back fence revealed a view on to State Highway 29, the main route from the Kaimais into Tauranga.
Freightliner Coronado heading towards the Kamai climb.

This Argosy appears to have a load of cars for the crusher.

Later model Argosy (2015) with bulk bins on 9 axles.
The same rig on its return journey.

Early Freightliner (1997) with set-forward axle.

2012 Mercedes Benz Actros B-train.

Kenworth is returning logging gear to the forest.

Two new Internationals outside the assembly plant in Mount Maunganui.

Two brand new Sinotruks at Mount Maunganui.
A sign of things to come.

Old Mercedes in use as advertising.
1972 280S.

Volvo FH500 from 2012  in the yard.

My friend Heather, who we stayed with, has these two Minis in her garage.
A pick-up and a van.

New Zealand Couriers 2017 Hino delivering the goods.

Very Australian looking 1992 Kenworth T900 is a credit to its owner.

2016 Volvo FM540 bulker with sloping front trailer.

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