Monday, January 22, 2018

Holiday (11) the Morere Tearooms.

Heading south from Gisborne we stopped at the Morere Tearooms for lunch. We sat outside where I had a good view of the road. My apologies for some blurriness in these photos.
Scania 9 axle curtain-side rig is a 4 axle twin steer truck, pulling a 5 axle full trailer..

...whereas this Mercedes Benz 9 axle curtain-side is made up of a 3 axle tractor, pulling two 3 axle semi-trailers.

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PBT started in the Wellington area, but has now spread throughout NZ.
Empty Kenworth logger heading south....

...loaded Kenworth logger, from the same company, also heading south !

Big load for little Fuso.

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