Monday, January 22, 2018

Holiday (8)...Fire Engines and cars at ECMOT.

One of the volunteers at the museum had just got this Datsun Bluebird running the day before we visited.

Tidy Prince Gloria isn't running...yet.
A previous owner, of one of these, informs me it was a beautiful car and he wishes he had never sold it.
Prince later became part of the Nissan brand.

Cars aren't in pristine condition, but the idea of the museum is for people to interact with the exhibits.
Have your photo taken in the driver's seat, if you wish.
From L to R: Vauxhall Victor FC, Vauxhall Viva HA, Hillman Imp and Vauxhall Victor FD.

Vauxhall EIX.

Vauxhall DX.

Volvo 144 is a solidly built car.
An ex workmate bought one very cheaply, many years ago, as his family car.
It proved very reliable.

A Denby fire truck.
Denbys were manufactured in the US from around 1914 till the 1930s.

1977 Dodge uses the same cab as the Internationals of the time.

Big Scania had a Fire Service emblem, so I'm guessing it was possibly a water tanker.
I don't remember ever seeing a Scania of this model in NZ. It has rectangular headlamps mounted in the bumper. I've seen this configuration in European photos, but I don't ever recall seeing one in NZ.
The earliest models I can recall, had round headlamps mounted above the bumper.

4WD Bedfords were common in rural and/or forestry fire services.

40s Fargo is stylish.

This model Dennis appliance was popular in NZ and the UK.

Another popular model in NZ was the Commer or Dodge (they were badged as either) Hi-Line models.

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