Saturday, January 20, 2018

From Across the Ditch.

Paul from QLD has sent me some more photos from the big dry country. As usual they are shot from the driver's seat, but this time from an R series Mack, complete with windscreen muck. Paul hasn't got a great quality camera, but I think they are worth sharing.
Western Star with curtain sides.

Freightliner Coronado with high roof cab.

Western Star with B-double (b-train in Kiwi speak) and large sun visor.

A similar model Western Star, but with a B-train with less axles and a smaller sun visor.

Mack with two tipper trailers. I don't think this is a B-train. A semi with a pup trailer behind I think.

Another B double, this time pulled by a Kenworth T608.

A couple of snaps of the Mack.
320 hp with 12 speeds.

The Mack standing proudly alongside a K model Kenworth, and Paul's long shadow.
Paul has done some extensive rust repair work on the Mack and has produced a video which he shares on You Tube.
Very entertaining with Paul's commentary , Australian colloquialisms and sub-titles.
Watch it at:

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