Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunbeam Car Club 37th Annual Lake Ferry Excursion (2).

Escort and Capri make a brightly coloured pair.

Superb Mk 1 Ford Zephyr with period accessories.

An nice MGB still looks good for a design that hit the road 55 years ago.

1973 VH Chrysler Valiant was once a popular family wagon.

Smartly painted Mk 2 Zephyr.

Triumph TR6 has the fuel injected engine as used in the 2.5 PI saloon, but in slightly higher horsepower state of tune.

An elderly gentleman drove this series 3 Humber 80.

1968 Triumph TR5 looks very similar to the TR4 and 4a, but has the 2000cc 6 cylinder engine from the Triumph 2000 saloon.

Somehow I've never warmed to the styling of the late model Triumph sports cars.

Triumph is only a year younger than me.

Triumph TR7 looks a little better with the top rolled back.

1965 Mk 3 Austin Healey  and the equivalent MG Midget, are to me what British sports cars were all about.
Simple, but fun.

MGR V8 is a lovely car, but with prices around $40,000 and up, I won't be getting one.

1959 Triumph TR3a.

1932 Austin 12/4 hits the road.

A quick U turn in the Austin 7 and he's on his way.

One of the nicest designs to come out of Britain, the MGB GT.

The Mazda MX5, the direction the British motor industry should have headed.

MGC convertible looks like a B, but with the big 6 up front it is a fine touring car.

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