Sunday, April 5, 2015

VCC Commercials at Feilding

Max has shared a selection of pics of the Vintage Car Club Commercial meet at Feilding, today.
1930 Ford Model A passenger vehicle.
A sort of bus with curtains that can be rolled up.
1924 Chrysler pick-up.
1977 Peugeot 404 U10.
Many years ago I worked for a Peugeot dealer who had one of these as their workshop vehicle.
A very useful load carrier with that boxy deck.
1939 Morris 8 pick-up. My daughter would say "Cute".
1954 Morris Oxford pick-up.
A good useful "pommy"ute.
1931 Bedford is similar to a Chev of the same period, but carries the British Bedford badge.
1950s American pick-ups were very stylish.
I love the look of this 1954 Dodge.
1972 International ACCO 1850 from Inter's Aussie stable.
Many of these were petrol powered, but this one is a diesel.
1930 Austin 12/4 in Royal Mail livery, looks to be a meticulous restoration, and I think I see Max's Jag reflected in the windscreen.
1975 Peugeot 504 Break. The 504 wasn't the most powerful beast, but get one wound up and they can cover the road astonishingly quickly.
I remember once doing a very fast trip as a passenger from Rotorua to Taupo in a saloon version and was surprised at how comfortable and safe I felt
1965 Bedford.
These used to be on the roads in their hundreds.
Another vehicle that was fairly common in their day; the 1959 Vanguard pick-up.
Smart little Morris Cowley van from 1928.
Although very simple these have become a valuable item.
A 1942 Willys Jeep.
Ford Mainline of 1956 vintage.

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