Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Tower

I have noticed in many of Alice's photos (not the truck photos),a tower which seems to be often in the background. I asked Alice about it and she told me it's only a couple of blocks from where she lives and it's huge. She can find her way home with it from anywhere in the city.
This picture off Google Street View is taken from some 330 metres away right by Alice's apartment.
Alice took this photo a couple of mornings ago, over the neighbouring apartments, with the top disappearing into the clouds.
A bit of research reveals that the tower was built for Kansas City Television in 1953 and is a massive 318m  tall. In fact the Eiffel Tower is only taller if you measure the antenna on top. It's higher than the top floor of Auckland's Sky Tower.
If you are familiar with those aerial masts at Whitireia Park near Titahi Bay, they are only a mere 137m.
For the metrically challenged, that 318m equates to 1043 ft.
It surprises me they needed to build it so high as the land is very flat in this area.

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