Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mid-West Movers

My daughter, Alice, has made me a happy dad. I-670 runs in a channel right through the middle of Kansas City, so many of the north-south streets pass right over it. At the Baltimore Avenue overpass Alice managed to get some 20 truck photos in about 2 minutes. Here is the first of them.
Nine new Toyotas on typical American configured car carrier. A little blurry this one, but I believe it is a Ford or Sterling with set forward front axle..
VNM Volvo  with nomal two axle semi-trailer with the wheels right at the rear.
Bonneted Freightliners for light delivery work appear to be very common.
A  Volvo VNL. This one pulling a reefer with the axles set further forward.
Peterbilt 378 with big sleeper and spaced axle flat deck with a load of post holes.
 Volvo VNM with a large tanker of unknown liquid.
Peterbilt 387 with spaced axle flat deck.
I can't quite figure out what is on those pallets.
Freightliner Columbia with a load of the sweet brown liquid. Not my favourite beverage.
Freightliner Cascadia with integral sleeper.

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