Friday, February 5, 2016

Wheels With Attitude 2016 (episode 5)

An elderly couple displayed this very nice Model A coupe.
A cowboy about to mount his 1937 Ford pick-up
Whitewalls and an excellent choice of paint colours for this 1956 Hillman Minx.
1944 Ford was running nicely.
I think I may have snapped this '39 Chev  Coupe previously, elsewhere.
I nicely presented car.
'74 Chrysler Valiant Ranger . Wide tyres look much better than the standard 185x14.
1950 Daimler Consort it is fitted with Self Changing Gears' pre-selector gearbox.
The dashboard of the '65 Mustang shows that it wasn't really a sports car, more of a two door convertible Falcon.
A very much modified Mk 2 Zodiac.
I'm very fond of the Chrysler Valiant hardtops.
This is a 1970 VG.
This 1929 Chevrolet is fitted with...... Oldsmobile straight 8.
1968 Ford Galaxie.
Very cool Ford Fairlane Hardtop from 1963.
1964 Chev Bel Air hardtop.
Low '56 Chevy truck.
Cute little two seater Mini was well constructed.
Do you want a BIG wagon? This 1966 Ford Country Sedan was for sale.

I'm not sure why some of these pictures have come out huge and I'm not sure how to fix it without deleting the whole page and starting again. I haven't really got that much time or patience !

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Varnsen said...

I have a VJ Valiant like the one here, except mine's all original. That's why I prefer the standard tyres, because they are more suited to a car of that era. The Valiant here also has a Regal grille, making it look even less original.