Wednesday, February 17, 2016

British Car Day 2016 (3)

Series 3 (or 3a) Rapiers are not common now, but a convertible is even rarer.
Many of NZs fire brigades in rural areas had one of these.
Just like new.
Another photo of the rare Viva GT that was also on display at Wheels With Attitude.
1936 Singer Le Mans is a bit different to the usual MGs.
I've always been a fan of the series V Hillman Minx.
A  much neater style than the similar sized Super Minx which was available at the same time.
I'm never quite sure why Rootes made Minx and Super Minx (and of course Gazelle and Vogue) alongside each other, when they were of similar size and used the same power plants.
After the Minx/Super Minx came the Arrow range which had different engine sizes, but used the same body.
In NZ we only got the 1725cc motor in the Hunter and the Vogue, as seen here.
1947 Jaguar looked like it was ready for restoration.
These models were fitted with a 1776cc four cylinder or 2.5 or 3.5 litre six.
I think this may be a 3.5.
Interior of the above Jaguar.
Front view of the two E types shown in a previous post.
The '47 Jag with two Mk Vs.
Toolkit in the bootlid of the centre car in the above picture.
This Triumph Thruxton was parked nearby to the display.

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