Tuesday, February 16, 2016

British Car Day 2016 (2)

I haven't often seen an E type convertible with its hardtop on.
1973 series 3 V12.
I saw this car at Cruise Martinborough, but there was a bit more room around it for photos at this event.
I like the 420 as much (if not more) than the Mk 2.
So nice I even snapped a rear view....
.....and interior.
Zephyr Mk 3 is my favourite of the Zephyr line. The big wheels suit this one.
Austin Allegro Estate is an unusual preservation.
Cute little MG Midget from 1931.
Rego label shows this as an Escort. I assume Escort running gear, but where's the body from ?
1950 Riley RM looked smart in white with off-white vinyl top and whitewall tyres.
Managed to snap this mid 60s Healey without any other vehicles in the background.
Dolomite looks like it means business.
My wife owned a Herald when we first got married, but it wasn't a convertible and not as smart as this one.
Imps are a great little car, but unfortunately Rootes didn't have them sorted as well as the opposition on their release.
This is a 1970 Sunbeam version.

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