Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wheels With Attitude 2016 (episode 3)

The Vauxhall Viva GT was only produced for a couple of years, from 1968.
It was quite a quick little car, in its day, being powered by the 2 litre o.h.c. motor from the Vauxhall Victor and CF Bedford.
Triumph's 2500 TC (twin carbs) was so called to distinguish it from the 2.5 PI (petrol injection) model which had a reputation for being troublesome.
Much of this was actually due to lack of available information, from Triumph, on tuning and repairing.
Ford's Anglia was the replacement for the100E Anglia/Prefect range. Only available in 2 door form, it was easily modified and popular with saloon car racing fans.
They have surged in popularity again in recent years, due to the appearance of one in the Harry Potter movies. 
Nice to see a restored commercial. The Morris J4 was once a common delivery van on our streets.
In the 1970s the Mitsubishi GTO was a stunning little car that many young men (me included) dreamed of owning.
Unfortunately they were more than I could afford and nowadays hace become extremely rare.
1967 Buick Riviera is a large car for a 2 door, but that's not unusual for an American.
Ford Zephyr threesome. Two Mk 3s and a Mk 1.
1950 Morris Minor convertibles (and saloons) were not very powerful with their  918cc side valve engine, but they did gain a reputation for reliability.
The 1957 Vauxhall Velox, on the right, was soon to be replaced by.....
...the new very differently styled Velox PA.
The '34 Ford has always been liked by hot rodders, so it's nice to see a 4 door in unmodified form.
The '46 Ford V8 was popular in it's day in coupe and sedan form and was also available in Mercury guise.
The Ford sedans from 1940 were also well liked.
The 1950 Ford was another model that was much admired, but not so common in 2 door form in NZ.
Looking very similar is the 1949 4 door sedan.
Daimler's SP250 was propelled by the 2.5 litre V8.
The same unit as in the Mk2 Jaguar bodied Daimler saloon .
1975 Datsun 260C.
Good to see a fairly ordinary Japanese saloon being preserved.

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