Thursday, February 7, 2019

Cruise Martinborough 2019 (5)...More Fords.

1973 Ford F100

I have always been quite partial to the Mk3 Zephyr.
This one has a 302 under the bonnet.

F100 pick-up, I'm fairly sure is a '58.

Another F100, this one from '56.

This Mk3 Zephyr has been....

... neatly transformed into a pick-up...

...with bucket seats.

1956 Fairlane Victoria.

1957 Fairlane.

'59 Ranchero.

1964 Fairlane 289.
Fairly common in NZ in their day as a 4 door sedan, but much rarer as a two door hardtop.

Very smart 1935 Roadster.

1963 Zephyr Mk 3 with many extras of the period.

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