Sunday, February 24, 2019

Art Deco, Napier, 2019...(1).

This year I passed on going to Shannon's Auto Spectacular so I could attend the vehicle parade at Art Deco in Napier. It was well worth it.
1930 Auburn 125.
Not a common sight.

1951 Royal Enfield looks little different to those coming out of India today.

Stewart Motor Corporation began building trucks in 1912.
This appears to be a fairly early offering.

1918 Austin bus is painted in the name of the Oamaru Motor Bus co.

Hupmobile and Oldsmobile...and a modern bicycle !

Lightweight International pick-up from the early 1930s.

1942 Willys Jeep. These were built in huge numbers. by the Americans, for the war effort.

1928 Ford Model A pick-up.
A very common and useful vehicle in NZ in this era.

And another from the same year.
Note the black radiator surround, standard on pick-ups, compared with the polished example above.

1942 Chevrolet MR pick-up.

A similar offering from Ford for 1945.

1919 Ford Model T coupe.

1930 Packard 745 tourer.

1928 Ford Model A Tourer.

!930 Ford Model A Roadster.

1935 Ford Roadster.

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