Monday, February 18, 2019

British & European Car Day 2019...(1)

British Car Day became British & European Car Day as of 2018. It is held at Trentham Park every year on the second Sunday in February.
Ford UK's Zephyr in Mk 3 form was an excellent car for its time.
The standard 4 speed transmission was a major improvement over the earlier models.

Volkswagen type 2 in LHD.

Jaguar's 420G and the earlier, almost identical Mk X, was an imposing beast.
Its sheer size (especially width) caused many Jaguar fans to choose smaller models

Volkswagen's 1500 Beetle was the best of them in my book, alongside a Karmann-Ghia version.

Rover rears.

Ford's Mk1 Zephyr had a 2.2 litre engine driving through a 3 speed box.
The Mk3 (in this instance a Zodiac) had 2.5 litres and 4 speeds.

A very nice 1936  14/56 fronted the Wolseley display.

One of the advertising lines for the Leyland P76, in its day, was that a 44gallon drum would fit in the boot.

LHD Triumph TR3, 1963 model.

1974 Ford Cotina 2.0 litre.
Once a very common car on NZ roads.

1975 Ford Escort 1300.
A much better choice than the 1100 model which was under powered  and uneconomical.

When Mercedes Benz put the 3500cc V8 into the 280SE coupe body
(which was originally fitted with the 2800cc straight 6) , they chose to call it 280SE 3.5, rather than 350SE.
This is a 1971 model.

1987 Mercedes Benz 260SE.
I've always liked this model, but I wonder if the 2.6 motor might be a little short on power for this body.

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