Tuesday, February 12, 2019

All Aussie Car Day ..(3).

A fairly standard looking '66 Falcon looks quite different with black painted wheels, whitewalls and rear spats.

Falcon twins.

Valiant VG

Valiant AP5

Valiant VG Hardtop.

6 cylinder Charger.

Another AP5, stock standard.

Another VG, this time wit V8 power.

XW Falcon. I just love the boxy shape of these. My favourite model.

Another VG, this time a Pacer.

1978 Ford F100.

XT Falcon

VE Valiant

VF Valiant Hardtop.

EL Falcon XR8.

I'm not sure how this fitted in to being Australian,
but a nice Kawasaki 500 just had to be photographed.

1979 Holden Kingswood HJ.

Obviously not Australian (it's LHD) but a nice '63 Fairlane Hardtop all the same.

I drove the Valiant on the way home and absolutely enjoyed the experience.
We came back via the Saddle Road and stopped for a look at the wind farm.
The Valiant and its proud owner.

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